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The 5 Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Until several years ago, waterproofing of Bluetooth speakers was a luxury. However, as time has passed, we’ve begun to see this feature adapted by most large manufacturers and present on most of the flagship Bluetooth speakers we see released. While waterproofing of any kind is beneficial, IP67 or IPX7 have recently become the standard. In this list, we’ve ensured all our speakers match this rating. An IP67-rated waterproof Bluetooth speaker offers the same protection from water as an IPX7 but with the added benefit of being dust-resistant too.

This article deals with portable waterproof Bluetooth speakers. If you’re looking for mounted waterproof speakers, we have a list of the best patio speakers, which can be paired with Bluetooth receivers.

Our Pick!

jbl boombox 3 portable bluetooth speaker

JBL Boombox 3

The JBL Boombox 3 is the best waterproof Bluetooth speaker currently on the market. It’s taken everything that made the Boombox 2 a good speaker but improved them, now offering better audio performance and better waterproofing. It also floats!

turtlebox 2 square image
The Loudest Choice
Turtlebox 2

The Turtlebox 2 is the loudest waterproof Bluetooth speaker that offers an IP67 waterproof rating. This speaker was made for a rugged outdoor lifestyle, and its weather protection is complimented by good sound and loads of volume.

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ultimate ears megaboom 3 with charging dock
Best Soundstage
Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3

The Megaboom 3, from Ultimate Ears, features a 360-degree design that provides excellent soundstage and is well-suited to group listening.

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Best For Smart Features
Sonos Roam

The Sonos Roam doesn’t excel at any one particular feature. Instead, it offers very reasonable audio performance while also bringing smart features typically limited to home speakers, such as Apple AirPlay 2 and WiFi connectivity.

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Most Portable
Sony SRS-XE300

The Sony SRS-XE300 measures just 9.37″ tall, and despite its small size, it’s capable of producing some impressive sound quality and features.

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Understanding Waterproof Ratings

A speaker’s weather protection is typically annotated by an IPX or IP rating. These ratings let you know what the speaker is able to withstand. It is best not to take these guidelines as an invitation to push the limits but rather to know how your speaker will withstand an accident.

IPX4 – Protects speakers from splashing water and drizzle

IPX5 – Protects speakers from water jets in any direction and light rain

IPX6 – Protects speakers from pressure sprays and heavy rain

IPX7 – Protects submerged speakers in less than 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes

IPX8 – Protects submerged speakers in excess of 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes

IP65 – Protects speakers from dust as well as water jets in any direction and light rain

IP67 – Protects speakers from dust and submergence in less than 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes

Initially, waterproofing was not found on most flagship Bluetooth speakers. Over time we started to see general splash proofing offered, which was then followed by low IPX ratings. IPX4 became popular in the mid-2010s, but this was then improved in more recent years to offer IPX7. Since 2020 we’ve started to see a lot more Bluetooth speakers coming with IP67; this rating is a combination of a dust protection rating and an IPX7 waterproof rating.

So while earlier models of waterproof Bluetooth speakers were meant to protect from minor water encounters, many modern Bluetooth speakers protect from complete submergence in water for a period of 30 minutes, as well as protecting from dust. 

Our Picks For The 5 Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

The following speakers are our picks for the best Bluetooth speakers that offer waterproofing. All these speakers offer a rugged IP67 weather-proofing, protecting from rain and dust. They were also selected by their audio performance and features.

1. JBL Boombox 3

jbl boombox 3 portable bluetooth speaker

JBL’s Boombox series is one of the larger Bluetooth speakers intended for regular daily use, weighing just over 15 lbs. Now on its third iteration, the Boombox 3 focuses on retaining the positive qualities of the Boombox 2 but offers improved weather resistance, audio performance, and battery life. The Boombox 3 has an IP67 waterproof rating, which adds dust protection on top of the IPX7 water resistance that was offered with the Boombox 2. 

A Refined Sound With Excellent Dynamics

It offers exceptional sound quality for a waterproof speaker; in particular, these improvements in audio quality relate primarily to the dynamic range performance and the refinement of frequency response. The Boombox 3 has ironed out much of the low-end inconsistencies that came with the previous model, with a more balanced sound profile. The upper treble is also more balanced.

The Boombox 3 has a more mature approach to sound, and while volume levels aren’t as high as on the second version, the speaker’s overall sound quality is noticeably improved. It is still loud enough to use in fairly large outdoor spaces and can still provide enough sound for either a pool party or an intimate house party.

Versatile For Indoors & Outdoors

This is a versatile waterproof speaker that can be used both indoors and outdoors. A common problem one can encounter when buying a waterproof Bluetooth speaker is that there is too much weight given to the waterproofing and not enough attention given to the sound. This isn’t the case with the Boombox 3, and it sounds great both indoors and outdoors.

Powerful Battery For Lots of Playtime

The battery performance on the Boombox 3 is stellar, offering close to 30 hours of use on just a 5-hour charging time. The speaker is charged using a power adapter which is included in your purchase and doesn’t use the more common USB-C charging method due to the size of the battery.

Why We Recommend It

Overall, the JBL Boombox 3 is a little pricy, but it has a lot to offer – including excellent sound performance, the ability to float in water, and versatility that allows it to be used both indoors and outdoors effectively.


  • Improved sound quality and balanced sound profile
  • Versatile for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Powerful battery with long playtime


  • Volume levels are not as high as in the previous version
  • Relatively heavy weight at just over 15 lbs
  • Non-standard charging method with a power adapter

2. Sony SRS-XE300

Sony SRS-XE300

Released in July 2022, the SRS-XE300 from Sony is a relatively new speaker to the market and was launched along with the SRS-XE200. Despite the XE300 being larger and louder than the XE200, it remains a compact and easily portable speaker weighing just over 2.5 lbs. It offers better overall sound quality than the XE200, but the XE200 is a fairly decent speaker if you’re listening at a lower volume level. But when the volume is pushed up, significantly more artifacts are audible on the XE200. The XE300 can be compared with JBL’s Charge 5, though the XE200 holds a small advantage over the Charge.

Rugged Weather Resistance and Impact Protection

The Sony SRS-XE300 offers a rugged IP67 weather resistance rating as well as offering impact resistance. Impact resistance is a feature rarely found in Bluetooth speakers, but it is becoming more common and can go a long way in prolonging the life of your speaker, especially if you live an active lifestyle where the speaker may be knocked around.

Impressive Bass & Audio Performance

Out of the box, the sound profile is good. It does have a bass-heavy presentation that won’t appeal to everyone, but for casual listening, it still sounds appealing. Sony’s Music Center app allows you to customize the sound with a graphic equalizer, allowing you to bring down the bass and even out the peaks and dips in the upper treble – letting you get a much more balanced sound – if that’s your kind of thing.

Controls & Battery Life

This speaker has excellent controls that let you adjust the volume, skip tracks and handle calls. These textured buttons are easy to press and can be operated with ease with wet hands – should you be using the speaker next to your pool. 

Despite its small size, this speaker has a lot of volume to offer, and you can use it to power group listening, whether it be outside during a picnic or indoors at your kid’s slumber party. It is worth noting, however, that the dynamics on the XE300 aren’t very good, as is usually the case with smaller Bluetooth speakers.

It offers a competitive battery life, and while Sony claims that one can achieve up to 24 hours in independent testing, it tends to get closer to 18 hours from typical use. This is still an impressive lifespan for a small speaker that has a charge time of under three hours.

Why We Recommend It

If you’re looking for a modern portable Bluetooth speaker that has strong waterproofing, the Sony XE300 can accompany you on nature hikes, picnics, and trips to the beach or help enhance your time in the garden. You can easily throw it in your backpack without worrying about incurring much additional weight.


  • Rugged weather resistance and impact protection
  • Impressive bass and audio performance
  • Excellent controls and competitive battery life


  • Lacks good dynamics
  • Battery life falls short of Sony’s claims

3. Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3

ultimate ears megaboom 3 with charging dock

The Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 is a fairly small waterproof speaker that lies somewhere between the Sonos Roam and the Sony SRS-XE300 in size. It weighs just two pounds and is easily portable. Just shy of nine inches long, the Megaboom 3 can be carried with a single hand.

Great Build Quality With IP67 Waterproofing

As with most Ultimate Ears products, the build quality is excellent, and the Megaboom 3 feels durable. This is further backed up by the impact resistance offered by this speaker. It features IP67 weatherproofing, protecting it from water and dust. Despite the fairly rugged construction, the speaker still looks clean in its design.

Customize Your Sound

When it comes to the audio performance of the Megaboom 3, the sound profile is similar to the Sony XE300, with some bass boost present in the upper low range and a fairly balanced midrange response. The Sony has a bit more brightness in the treble, however. Regardless of the sound profile straight out of the box, Ultimate Ears have a very good mobile app that allows for both graphic and preset EQ. This will allow you to customize your sound to your liking.

Due to the 360-degree design of the Megaboom 3, the one big benefit to this speaker is its impressive soundstage. Regardless of where you’re seated around the speaker, the audio quality remains good, and this design is especially useful for settings where you may have a group of people listening at the same time.

Controls & Features

The controls of the Megaboom 3 are one of its weaker points, offering somewhat limited controls, with an inability to skip to a previous track. The Megaboom 3 follows a fairly barebones approach to a waterproof speaker and doesn’t opt to include things like voice assistant support. Still, the overall build quality and performance of this speaker are impressive.

Why We Recommend It

The Megaboom 3 sounds good with the standard sound profile, but the ability to customize your EQ adds a lot of value to this speaker. The volume levels are able to cover a medium-sized room, and its impressive soundstage makes it a great waterproof Bluetooth speaker.


  • Excellent build quality and impact resistance
  • Customizable sound through mobile app
  • Impressive soundstage with 360-degree design


  • Limited controls and inability to skip to the previous track
  • Lacks voice assistant support

4. Sonos Roam

Sonos Roam

The Sonos Roam is a versatile waterproof Bluetooth speaker that has a lot to offer as a daily driver. It is separated from most other waterproof speakers by its inclusion of Wi-Fi support. The Roam doesn’t sacrifice traditional wireless connectivity, however, and you’ll still get Bluetooth connectivity in conjunction with its Wi-Fi support.

This is a fairly small speaker, and it weighs less than a pound. This smaller size format brings advantages to mobility and can even be placed into a handbag or small backpack. In fact, the Roam is the smallest speaker on our list by some margin. In terms of measurements, it spans 168mm in length and is 62mm wide.

Versatile and Durable

It has IP67 weather-proofing, so as with the larger speakers on this list, it can protect itself from heavy rain, limited submergence in water up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes, and also from dust. Sonos also states that the Roam can withstand small drops, though there isn’t a specific IK rating provided with it.

Sound Performance

It’s important to consider the sound profile on the Sonos Roam, which aligns more with an accurate, balanced sound than a boomy party sound, and there is a lack of low-end bass extension compared to some of the slightly larger speakers on this list. This is common, given the size of the drivers in a speaker of this scale.

If you enjoy a more natural sound profile and don’t appreciate the elevated bass and treble often found on more v-shaped sound profiles with Bluetooth speakers, the Roam will feel like a breath of fresh air. There is still a slight bass boost, but it doesn’t extend very deep and also still allows the balanced midrange to sound appealing. The treble isn’t particularly bright but has enough detail for an enjoyable audio experience.

An Impressive WiFi-Enabled Speaker

In terms of controls and connectivity, the Sonos Roam, as mentioned, has modern connectivity features and can connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It uses Bluetooth 5.0, which, while not the latest, is still completely viable. The controls are fairly easy to use but can take a little time to get used to, as the minimal presence of buttons means that the controls revolve around a multi-tap approach where pressing the button a certain amount of times changes its function. For instance, the Play button also controls the tracks. Pressing it twice will jump to the next track, while three taps will go back to the track.

The Sonos Roam also comes in an SL version, which is almost identical, but lacks some of the more advanced features, such as the Sonos voice control, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant support. With a difference of only $20 between the two models, we would recommend futureproofing with the traditional Roam instead of the SL.

Battery life isn’t the strongest trait of the Sonos Roam, however. There is a noticeably different performance depending on how you use the speaker; you’ll get around 5 to 6 hours of playtime using Bluetooth and around 8 hours when using Wi-Fi.

Why We Recommend It

Overall, the Sonos Roam is a small waterproof Bluetooth speaker that can be used indoors and outdoors, thanks to its balanced sound profile, which sounds good regardless of location. The size is beneficial for portability but lacks volume compared to other speakers on this list. The Sonos Roam is a great little speaker if you are looking for a speaker to use in your bedroom with friends or out on a picnic or beach trip.


  • Versatile with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Compact and lightweight for easy portability
  • Accurate and balanced sound profile


  • Lack of low-end bass extension
  • Controls may take time to get used to
  • Battery life could be improved

5. Turtlebox 2

turtlebox 2 with orange handle

The Turtlebox 2 is a medium-sized waterproof Bluetooth speaker that doesn’t care about fancy voice assistants or WiFi connectivity. It is built to be rugged and loud, and it achieves this with great success. The Turtlebox 2 weighs 10 lbs, which is lighter than the JBL Boombox 3, despite offering more volume, though the Boombox 3 has a more balanced sound out of the box. This speaker has an IP67 waterproof rating and can withstand heavy rain or limited submergence in water.

A Rugged Speaker Made for an Outdoor Lifestyle

The shell of the Turtlebox 2 is made to be durable and handle more than just rough handling. You can toss the Turtlebox into the back of your pickup or strap it to the back of your motorcycle without worrying about damage; this is especially easy with the tie-down design. This speaker was made for active outdoor lifestyles, and while the Turtlebox 2 does sound really good outdoors, the Boombox 3 is a better choice for indoor listening.

The Turtlebox 2 is Extremely Loud

The volume potential of the Turtlebox is outstanding and perhaps the most alluring part of the Turtlebox’s design. It can reach up to 120dB, which is more than enough to power moderate-sized outdoor parties, though, as stated, the sound profile won’t create the best indoor experience. It uses a single 6×9” driver, which does limit the extension of the low end a bit.


The controls on this speaker are easy to use, allow you to control the track, and allow for the adjustment of volume. These buttons are fairly large and made from rubber, making them easy to use with gloves too, which is extremely useful if you plan on using this speaker in colder outdoor environments or even on a construction site. They also have LED backlighting to them for adjustments in the dark.

Because of the Turtlebox’s lightweight, it is very portable for a speaker of its volume levels. While it may not be suited for long hiking trips, you won’t have issues carrying the Turtlebox around between different locations or on short walks.

Why We Recommend It

Overall, this is a speaker that is best suited to an adventurous lifestyle that still has big demands when it comes to volume. The carry handle and tie-downs make it easy to carry this speaker in most situations.


  • Rugged and durable for outdoor activities
  • Extremely loud volume potential (up to 120dB)
  • Easy-to-use controls and portable for its size


  • Limited low-end extension with a single driver
  • Not suitable for long hiking trips due to weight

The Best Speakers Types For Your Lifestyle

When buying a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, it’s useful to have an idea in mind about what it is you require. Waterproof speakers come in a number of different design types, from small speakers that are extremely portable but lack volume to large party speakers that perform well but aren’t that simple to carry around.

If you’re looking for a speaker to use daily, opting for something versatile is usually best. A speaker with enough sound to provide an enjoyable listening experience but one that isn’t too difficult to carry around. Speakers like the Sony SRS-XE300, Sonos Roam, and Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 all fit this description.

Should your demands be more specific and require more volume from your speaker, you should keep in mind the limitations in portability. The Turtlebox 2 and the JBL Boombox 3 are both more than capable of producing impressive volume, with the former being one of the loudest IP67-rated Bluetooth speakers around. These speakers are best used for parties, social gatherings, or for use when participating in sports. They work great set up next to a basketball court or around a campfire.

Why We Picked These Products

If you’re still unsure which speaker is best for you, don’t worry – we’re here to help. Let’s run through the reasons why each speaker on this list was selected and who it is best suited towards.

The JBL Boombox 3 was picked for its balanced sound signature and impressive performance in providing high-quality sound both indoors and outdoors. It’s a speaker that can seamlessly move between your dining room and your swimming area. It’s best suited for those wanting a speaker who can do it all. While it doesn’t offer the same volume as the Turtlebox 2, it can still be used for larger gatherings of people.

We opted for the Sony SRS-XE300 over the likes of the JBL Flip and Charge series because of its more impressive sound performance. While these speakers can all play in the same league, the Sony SRS-XE300 does things a little better. This speaker is best suited for you if you’re looking for a speaker that sounds good and is easily portable. Great for solo listening or small groups of friends.

The Megaboom 3 from Ultimate Ears was picked for its impressive soundstage. It is somewhat similar in performance to the SRS-XE300, but the 360-degree audio design makes this an incredible choice for a picnic speaker or for other shared listening experiences where you want those sitting in a circle or around a table to share the same experience in audio. Speakers with drivers pointed in one particular direction can often sound unappealing to those on the other side of the drivers.

While the Sonos Roam has a less-than-impressive battery performance, this speaker is one of the few portable waterproof Bluetooth speakers that comes with Wi-Fi connectivity. The sound performance is good, but the home connectivity features are what made us select this speaker. A Wi-Fi connection means you can control the speaker from anywhere in your house as long as your Wi-Fi signal covers the area.

Finally, we picked the Turtlebox 2 because of its massive volume and extremely rugged build. It’s not a cheap speaker, but if you have high demands and live an active lifestyle that involves mud, sand, and rain – the Turtlebox 2 is about as good as it gets. This speaker was made for your lifestyle, and whether you strap it to the back of your bike or your jeep – the Turtlebox 2 is made for you.

Buyer’s Guide – What To Consider When Buying a Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

There are still some important considerations to remember when buying a waterproof Bluetooth speaker.


The portability of your speaker will influence what you can and can’t do with it. You’re not going to want to carry a 20 lb speaker around on a regular basis. There is a trade-off to be made here, though, as the more portable a speaker is, the less volume it will typically provide. This is because as a speaker driver is scaled up to provide more volume, it also increases the weight of the speaker.

We consider speakers with a weight of 1 to 5 pounds to be extremely portable, and these speakers are best suited as daily drivers that you can regularly use for traditional use situations, like taking the speaker to work, to the park, or over to a friend’s house.

Speakers that range between 5 and 15 pounds are still relatively portable and can still be used for most situations. However, it’s important to also consider the form factor of the speaker, as some speakers of this weight class can still be fairly large. For instance, the Turtlebox 2 falls into the upper end of this category.

Finally, we have speakers that weigh in excess of 15 pounds. These speakers will be more challenging to move around regularly. The Boombox 3 is on the lower end of this range, and we’d still consider it to be portable, though it isn’t suitable for extended carrying for long distances.


Durability encompasses a few different factors when it comes to speakers. And each protection method can help you in finding a speaker that can cater to your lifestyle.


A speaker should have a sufficient waterproof rating for your needs. If you’re looking for some simple protection from the occasional splash, you can get away with an IPX4 rating. However, on the other side of the spectrum, we have IPX7 and IP67 ratings which protect from more than just an accidental spill. They are made to withstand heavy rainfall and also survive limited submergence.

Material And Finish

The materials and finish of your speaker can also play a role in how durable it is. Some speakers are made from materials that scratch easily or have grilles that bend when dropped. More durable finishes are typically found on speakers with a higher focus on an outdoor lifestyle.

Impact Resistance

Impact resistance is a measurement that can be defined by an IK rating. An IK rating will give you more information about how protected from impact your speaker is. However, it’s uncommon to see official IK ratings provided for Bluetooth speakers. It’s more typical to see some speakers noted as resistant to drops without an official rating.

Sound Performance Is Always Important

Always consider the sound performance of a speaker, as this is by far the most important part of most speaker purchases. Again, you want to look for a speaker that best matches your requirements. If you’re looking for a speaker to use both indoors and outdoors, it becomes more important to have a balanced sound. This isn’t to everyone’s tastes, and there is merit to bass-heavy speakers, especially for party situations. Though there’s more to sound than just the frequency response, things like soundstage and dynamics are still important to consider.

Battery Life

When we discuss Bluetooth speakers, the battery performance is a vital point of consideration. Modern Bluetooth speakers offer incredible advances in battery performance when compared to early releases. Some larger speakers can even offer in excess of 30 hours of performance.

If you’re going to be using your speaker for extended periods in locations where there may not be power points, it can be of great value to opt for a speaker with a larger battery capacity. Even smaller speakers like the Sony SRS-XE300 offer impressive battery life.

Remember that the manufacturer’s estimates around battery life are based on a particular listening volume, and it’s worth taking manufacturer estimates with a grain of salt. Pushing your speakers to higher volume levels or using additional speaker features can also impact the overall battery life you can expect.

Additional Features

If you’re one for technology, you may not be pleased with a speaker that offers the bare minimum in terms of connectivity and features. Speakers like the Sonos Roam offer Wi-Fi support, allowing you to integrate it with your home audio setup. Other waterproof Bluetooth speakers like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant support may offer voice-controlled features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What IPX Rating Do I Need?

Depending on your requirements, you may need only an IPX4-rated speaker, which protects from splashes and spills. On the other hand, if you want to use it around bodies of water, it’s worth opting for a higher IPX rating, and an IP67 or IPX7 rating is ideal.

How Do Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Work?

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers work by adopting a design that prevents water from intruding into the essential electric components of the speaker. Some Bluetooth speakers may also opt for a floating design for additional protection. IP67 speakers have been designed to also keep dust and debris.

Can I Connect Multiple Speakers Together?

This depends on your speaker. Some speakers support stereo pairing, while others may not.

Can I Use a Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker In The Shower?

Many waterproof Bluetooth speakers can be used in the shower. You should first ensure that it has a sufficient waterproof rating. One that can protect the speaker from pressure spray. The biggest concern is going to be the heat of your shower. Check your manual for details on the temperatures recommended for operating your speaker.

Can I Use Voice Commands On A Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker?

Many modern Bluetooth speakers come with voice controls and integration with voice assistants. This varies between models, though.

Can I Use My Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker In The Pool?

We recommend using your Bluetooth speaker outside the pool rather than in it. There are specific speakers made for in-pool use, but the quality is typically inferior to traditional waterproof Bluetooth speakers. Even if your speaker can float, preventing sustained water presence is a good idea.

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