Amazon Prime Day Audio Deals

12 & 13 July 2022

We’ll bring you the best sales from the following product categories on this page.

Smart Speakers
Outdoor Speakers
Bluetooth Speakers
Headphones & Earbuds
Amplifiers & DACs

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon’s Prime Day is the largest annual Amazon sale that spans over a couple of days. Across these days you’ll find countless products marked down exceptionally, to discounts rarely seen outside of the sale. In addition to products that are marked down for the whole sales period, there are also lightning sales which are often even bigger discount rates, though run for shorter intervals.

In order to get discounts on Prime Day, the caveat is that you’re going to need to be an Amazon Prime member. Membership costs, which were recently increased, are currently $14.99 per month or $139 if you opt for a year’s membership. A common practice is to subscribe to Amazon Prime for the sales period. If you haven’t yet used your Prime Trial – you can also sign up for a 30-day trial period for free.

When is Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day has been announced as the 12th & 13th of July 2022. During this period you’ll find sales that span the whole event, while other short-lived lightning sales will pop up periodically throughout the event.

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Which Speakers Do We See Going on Sale?

While we don’t have a crystal ball, there are some products that are marked down on Prime Day. The shoe-ins are typically Amazon products themselves. We think the Amazon Echo is almost guaranteed to be dropped by quite a margin. We anticipate that in addition to the Amazon Echo (4th Gen) we’ll also see big markdowns on the Echo Dot (4th gen) and the previous 3rd generation model.

In addition to Amazon’s own product range, we do expect to see a number of other large speaker manufacturers offering discounts during Prime Day. We expect that you’ll see some solid price drops from JBL, Sony, Bose, Ultimate Ears, and more.

Amazon Prime Day 2022 Tips

Here are a few tips to help your Amazon Prime Day purchases

Do Early Research

Spend time before the sale starts so that you can understand more about the types of products you’re interested in buying. This will allow you to go into the sale having an idea of what to look for with certain products. Consider taking a look at our best lists and reviews to find products to keep an eye out for.

Set a Budget

Unless you’re affluent enough to shop without having to give your budget a thought, we recommend setting yourself some budgets for Amazon Prime Day. This will prevent you from excessive spending, it’s easy to go crazy when you see good deals. Of course, there are times when it’s worth breaking the budget a bit when you see a higher valued product dropped down to within your budget range, but be smart here.

Watch Lightning Sales

While the bulk of the discounts will occur as regular sales, keep an eye out for exciting lightning sales which often offer much better savings. These sales only last for very short periods and often sell out before they even reach the end of the time period.

Use the Amazon Mobile App

If you haven’t got it already, make sure to download the Amazon app, as this will let you stay informed on flash sales while you may not be around your computer. There is also the benefit of having alerts when using the app over the Amazon website on a mobile device. The Amazon app is available on both Android & iOS.

Monitor Upcoming Sales

Amazon typically indicates which products are going to be added to the rotation of sales as the Prime Day event goes on. Keep an eye out for what’s going on sale next.

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