Our audio guides are intended to assist you with understanding some of the more technical terms and how they may play a role in your purchase decision.

how to make headphones louder

How to Make Headphones Louder

Buying a new pair of headphones is supposed to be exciting, where you get to upgrade your hardware and increase the quality of your listening experience. But it’s not uncommon for more expensive headphones to sometimes offer volume levels that are...

The A-Z Guide to Audio Terms - Audiostance

The A-Z Guide to Audio Terms

If you’ve just stepped into the world of all things audio related and don’t seem to understand pretty much anything that everyone is talking about, you’re in the right place! We’ve put together this handy A – Z guide to some of the most...

Frequency Response Rates - Audiostance

What is Frequency Response?

Many consumer audio products including speakers and headphones often come with a frequency response range. What is frequency response? What does frequency response mean? Is it something you need to take into account when purchasing audio equipment...