Best Gaming Earbuds - Audiostance

The 10 Best Gaming Earbuds

Have you watched any esports tournaments lately? Are you a LAN enthusiast yourself? Well, it would come as no surprise that you’ve probably seen your fair share of gaming earbuds that pros are using more frequently. Gaming earbuds are very much like...

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Best Open Back Headphones - Audiostance

The 10 Best Open Back Headphones

When it comes to choosing a pair of headphones, you’ll stumble upon a variety of different types and styles. From over-ear, on-ear, and in-ear headphone styles – you also have open back headphones and closed back headphones. You might be...

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The 10 Best Bluetooth Shower Speakers - Audiostance

The 10 Best Bluetooth Shower Speakers

When we first starting researching products for this Bluetooth shower speaker article, we had no idea how much of a demand or, how many products there actually are. It seems there are a lot of people who love listening to music in the shower, which...

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The 10 Best Wireless TV Speakers - Audiostance

Best Wireless Speakers for TV

When it comes to sound quality, the built-in speakers you’ll find on most TV’s are lacking substantially. Most people will opt to supplement their poor-quality built-in TV speakers with either a surround sound system or by adding a...

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Best Headphone Amps - Audiostance

The 10 Best Headphone Amps

If you’re in the market for a headphone amp, you could be well-versed in the world of DAC chips and impedances, or you could be a newbie who just bought their first pair of high-end headphones, ready to jump in and experience your favorite tracks in...

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HyperX Cloud Earbuds Review - Audiostance

HyperX Cloud Earbuds Review

The Low-Down! The HyperX Cloud Earbuds are a good choice for anyone looking at their first pair of gaming earbuds. At their current price point, they offer a decent build quality and sound signature. If you’re after gaming earbuds with features...

Outdoor Tech Mini Rhinos Review - Audiostance

Outdoor Tech Mini Rhinos Review

The Low-Down! The Mini Rhino Bluetooth wireless headphones, marketed as the only headphones you will ever need! Created by Outdoor Tech, the company envisioned a headset that was not only indestructible and resilient like that of a rhinoceros, but...

GRADO SR80E Headphones Review - Audiostance

GRADO SR80E Headphones Review

Grado Labs are a really interesting manufacturer of headphones for numerous reasons. They’re a family run business situated in Brooklyn, New York. Their products are handmade, and they barely spend any money on advertising. Upon unboxing your new...


TREBLAB xFit Review

The Low-Down! If you’re looking for good sound quality, extended battery life and comfort then the Treblab xFit is going to give you what you’re after. Their audio quality is on the level of higher tier earbuds such as AirPods and their battery life...

Audio Pro Addon C10 Wireless Speaker Review - Audiostance

Audio Pro Addon C10 Wireless Speaker Review

Established in 1978, Audio Pro strived to create products with premium sound quality at affordable rates. Flash-forward to today and you’ll find their products in 45 countries across the globe, still following the same ambition as when they first...

FiiO E10K Review - Audiostance

FiiO E10K Review

A Budget Alternative to the Latest DACs? The FiiO E10K is a small & sleek headphone DAC, but don’t be fooled by its delicate appearance. The FiiO E10K USB DAC and headphone amplifier is a natural step forward for FiiO headphone amps, and this...

Schiit Fulla Review - Audiostance

Schiit Fulla 3 Review

What is the Schiit Fulla 3? Essentially, Schiit’s Fulla 3 is one of the most well-rounded mid-priced digital-to-analog converter units on the market. It’s remarkably easy to use, it sounds powerful, and it performs marvelously well in the hands of...

Zulu Audio Wearable Bluetooth Speakers Review - Audiostance

Zulu Audio Wearable Bluetooth Speakers Review

Do you long for the 80s and 90s where you could walk down the street with a boombox over your shoulder listing to your favorite beats? If you are too young to know about the boombox era, Google it. We have more important things to talk about, like...

Devialet Gold Phantom Review - Audiostance

Devialet Gold Phantom Review

The Low-Down! Is the Devialet Gold Phantom worth the $3,000 price tag? That all depends on why you want this speaker. If you want the latest and most exceptional wireless speaker on the market, then yes, I believe the Gold Phantom is worth the price...

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