The 10 Best WiFi Speakers - Audiostance

The 10 Best WiFi Speakers of 2019

Bluetooth speakers are so last season. If you’re looking for the best in wireless audio connectivity, then WiFi speakers are where it’s at. Having said that, with the release of Version 5.0, Bluetooth technology has made some significant strides...

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10 Best Marine Speakers - Audiostance

The 10 Best Marine Speakers of 2019

Looking to replace or upgrade the speakers on your boat? Or, maybe you live on the sea-front and need a pair of marine grade speakers? In this article, we look at the 10 best marine speakers of 2019. We don’t only recommend the best marine speakers...

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Optoma NuForce HEM8 Review - Audiostance

Optoma NuForce HEM8 Review

Optoma is a global business with headquarters in several countries around the world including the USA. The company is most popular for the design and manufacture of audiovisual equipment but also produce a range of headphones, DACs, amps, and other...

Klipsch The Three Review - Audiostance

Klipsch The Three Review

Klipsch is arguably one of the most popular consumer audio speaker manufacturers around. This American brand has designed and manufactured some awesome speakers over the years but has never released a wireless speaker. The Klipsch Heritage Wireless...

Feliks Audio Euforia Review - Audiostance

Feliks Audio Euforia Review 

If you’re a headphone fanatic, then you’re likely familiar with boutique tube brand Feliks Audio. If you have never heard of the company, Feliks Audio design and handcraft some of the best tube amplifiers on the market. Feliks Audio design and...

Sonos Play 5 Review - Audiostance

Sonos Play:5 Review

WiFi speakers are quickly overtaking their Bluetooth counterparts as the more popular wireless option with a huge spike in new products and demand over the last 12 months. Sonos is arguably one of the more popular WiFi speaker brands with products...

RIVA Concert Review - Audiostance

RIVA Concert Portable Speaker Review

Since its launch in 2018, the RIVA Concert Compact and Portable Smart Speaker has caused quite a bit of excitement among portable speaker enthusiasts. Finally, a wireless speaker with both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity has arrived! There are...

Audeze iSINE LX In-Ear Headphone Review - Audiostance

Audeze iSINE LX In-Ear Headphone Review

Audeze is one of the more exciting headphone brands to emerge in recent years. The company is most famous for its SINE headphone series which features the company’s advanced planar magnetic driver technology. In fact, all Audeze headphones feature...

Markaudio-SOTA Viotti One Review - Audiostance

Markaudio-SOTA Viotti One Review

If you consider yourself to be somewhat of an audiophile, then Markaudio-SOTA is definitely a brand you need to familiarize yourself with. The company combines a wealth of knowledge and experience from leaders in the electronics and consumer audio...

Bose 251 Environmental Speakers Review - Audiostance

Bose 251 Environmental Speakers Review

Bose is undoubtedly one of the more exciting speaker brands on the market. Their headphones and speakers are extremely popular (and for good reason). While their products might not be considered to be “audiophile quality” they’re certainly fun to...

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