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best computer speaker

The Best Computer Speakers

Outboard computer speakers have become a common addition to many personal computer setups. Their primary purpose is to enhance the user’s listening experience- whether used for music, gaming, virtual conferencing, or other applications. Computer...

best gaming headset under $100

The Best Gaming Headset Under $100

If you’ve arrived at this article, chances are your budget is the driving factor of what gaming headsets you can buy. And you are probably wondering what is the best gaming headset under 100 dollars? When buying on a budget, most people’s main...

Logitech Z623 Review - Audiostance

Logitech Z623 Review

The Low-Down! The Logitech Z623 might be one of the best computer speakers available right now. Great value for money, incredible performance, and THX certification are all contributing factors that set the system above so many. In terms of...