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HyperX Cloud Earbuds Review

The Low-Down!

The HyperX Cloud Earbuds are a good choice for anyone looking at their first pair of gaming earbuds. At their current price point, they offer a decent build quality and sound signature. If you’re after gaming earbuds with features catered towards microphone quality, mobility, and immersive sound, then the HyperX Cloud Earbuds might be just what you’re looking for! 

HyperX Cloud Earbuds Specs

Dynamic 14 mm

Connection Type
3.5 mm jack

Frequency Response
20 Hz – 20 kHz

Cable Length
47 inches

HyperX is a brand known for its high-quality gaming peripherals. They have released headphones, keyboards, and mice catered towards casual players and professionals. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that the company is having a go at the expanding gaming earbud market. Traditionally, we have all been led to believe that headphones reign supreme in terms of audio quality. In most cases, this is the truth, but with the increase in mobile and console gaming, the HyperX Cloud Earbuds aim to close the gap between performance and comfortability.


Like many HyperX products, the Cloud Gaming Earbuds are very fashionable and eye-catching. The red and black color scheme flows nicely with the HyperX logo on the casing. The cable itself is bright red with black accents found on the earbuds and in-line controller. The included ear tips are grey in color and have been designed in an angular shape to provide maximum comfort. HyperX has done a good job of making the earbuds look like they’re meant for gaming.

Build Quality

The HyperX Cloud Earbuds build quality is mediocre. The gaming earbuds might look very appealing, but for their price point, it’s a little disappointing that they’ve been made entirely out of plastic. This causes some concern if you’re someone who shoves earbuds into your backpack or pocket without a thought. With that being said, HyperX is offering a two-year warranty on the Cloud Earbuds. We’re unsure if this includes wear-and-tear due to the build quality.

Next are the earbud casings themselves. Inside, you’ll find 14 mm dynamic drivers, but more on sound later. HyperX has included 3 different sized silicone patented ear tips. They’ve been made in an almost ‘wedge-shape style’ so removal from the ear canal is made easier. It’s a pity that HyperX has not included any foam ear tips, but the included tips still provide a comfortable experience.

Sound isolation and leakage have also been kept to a minimum. The ear tips will be able to reduce the surrounding noise to a mumble while in public and keep audio inside. Those around you shouldn’t be able to hear what’s going on unless you’re blasting the volume to its maximum.

The 47-inch cable has been rubberized to prevent tangles. This is a nice feature we have seen on most in-ear gaming earbuds these days. If you’re commuting early in the morning, the last thing that anyone wants to do is fiddle with cables. It should be noted here that the cable is not interchangeable or replaceable. The cables form part of the earbud casing and cannot be removed.

In the middle of the cable, you will find the in-line controller. The microphone is also found here and is in the shape of a small hole. Unlike the Turtle Beach Battle Buds, there is no detachable or extended microphone for gaming. On the controller itself, you will find a single button that can be used for answering calls or to play and pause your music.

The HyperX Cloud Earbuds has been marketed for the Nintendo Switch and mobile gaming. It is rather surprising that they have not included any volume controls, which can be a deal-breaker for some. Although you can adjust the volume on the device you’re using, it would have been nice to see this feature included.

Finally, at the end of the tangle-free cable, you will find the 90-degree angled connector. This is a really cool addition that puts less strain on the jack over long periods of time.


One of the biggest reasons for using gaming earbuds over gaming headphones is their lightweight structure. Headphones can be cumbersome and, after a few hours of gaming, they can put a strain on your ears. The HyperX Cloud Earbuds weigh just 0.67 ounces and are a perfect option for those looking for mobility and long-term comfort. 

As previously stated, the HyperX Cloud Earbuds come with 3 different sized silicone ear tips. The soft tips have been designed for optimal comfort and fit, and we can confirm that they do perform as expected. There’s no vacuum or uncomfortable feeling, and the earbuds stay in place. Additionally, if you’re planning on being active with these earbuds, they also provide reasonable stability without the risk of falling out.

HyperX Cloud Earbuds


If you’re going to play online, or want to chat with your friends on Discord or TeamSpeak, you’ll need a microphone. The HyperX Cloud microphone can be used for both gaming and taking calls. The microphone’s frequency response is around 100 to 6300 Hz and will provide clear sounding audio to your friends. Although it is an omnidirectional microphone, background noise is kept to a minimum. We wouldn’t advise playing in public, but it should keep out general household noises.


The HyperX Cloud Gaming Earbuds are advertised as mobile gaming and Nintendo Switch friendly. However, they can also work well on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The microphone and in-game audio work immediately through the 3.5 mm jack connection. However, should you want to use these on PC you will need an adapter.

The 3.5 mm PC adapter, in most cases, will need to be purchased separately in order to use the microphone feature. The adapter will split the 3.5 mm connection into a pink and green input that will then be plugged into the back of your motherboard.    

HyperX Cloud Earbuds

Sound and Performance

The HyperX Cloud Gaming Earbuds are somewhat in the budget range of earphones when compared to in-ear monitors. Of course, as a pair of gaming earbuds, you’d expect the additional features of a microphone, in-line controller, and customization. In-ear monitors focus primarily on sound quality and save expenses by not adding all the extras. So, how do the HyperX Cloud Gaming Earbuds fair in terms of sound quality?

The short answer is that the Cloud Earbuds perform well enough, and provides an immersive experience for gaming alone. The 20 – 20 000 Hz frequency is balanced with a warm midrange and well-rounded highs. HyperX has said that these gaming earbuds come with ‘improved bass’ and that is somewhat true. Earbuds often struggle to compete against headphones in the lows because they’re limited by driver size.

Will the 14 mm drivers be able to replicate high quality 50 mm headphone speakers? Probably not, but the bass is still present and packs some punch. There is a benefit with less bass when gaming, however, and that is not overpowering the mids and highs. So often we find gaming earphones that try to focus on their bass, but the result is a sound signature that is too deep and muddy. In most video games you’ll want to hear vocals clearly, and be able to differentiate between sounds from various angles.

We decided to test out two games in order to get a good evaluation of how the HyperX Cloud Gaming Earbuds would fair in multiplayer and singleplayer titles. For multiplayer, we went with Call of Duty: Warzone which would place an emphasis on sound positioning and gunfights. Overall, weapons and secondary grenades sounded crisp and clean. The bass was not distorted in high-intensity moments and footsteps were easy to distinguish.  

Next, we went with a classic, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which would be slower-paced and more immersive. Upon entering a nearby tavern, the music sung by a bard was clear and the instruments were not piercing to the ear. The sound was well-rounded and could even be compared to that of headphones.

What’s in the Box?

  • HyperX Cloud Gaming Earbuds
  • Carry case
  • 3 x Patented silicone ear tips
  • In-line controller with a microphone and multi-function button
HyperX Cloud Earbuds - What's in the Box


The HyperX Cloud Gaming Earbuds are a good choice for anyone looking at their first pair of gaming earbuds. At their current price point, they offer a decent build quality and sound signature to keep most happy. We wouldn’t recommend these as music earphones though, you’d be better off getting a pair of in-ear monitors. However, if you’re after gaming earbuds with features catered towards microphone quality, mobility, and immersive sound, then the HyperX Cloud Earbuds might be just what you’re looking for.

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