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Outdoor Tech Mini Rhinos Review

The Low-Down!

The Mini Rhino Bluetooth wireless headphones, marketed as the only headphones you will ever need! Created by Outdoor Tech, the company envisioned a headset that was not only indestructible and resilient like that of a rhinoceros, but also capable of delivering great features.

The Mini Rhinos comprise of 40mm drivers, a built-in microphone, a 12-hour battery life, and external controls. Designed particularly for people with active, on-the-go lives, but the Mini Rhinos Bluetooth headphones might be just about right for anyone. 

Mini Rhinos Specs



12 Hours


Tough as Nails

First off, let’s start with why these headphones are being dubbed as extraordinarily tough. The exterior is made from a durable and tough rubberized coating which prevents it from becoming seriously damaged when dropped.


The Mini Rhinos are also waterproof which makes them perfect for outdoor activities and working out. The headphones have an IPX rating of 6 which means they have the ability to resist water and handle temperatures of up to -20°C/-4°F. They can, therefore, be splashed on, completely submerged, and have the ability to float to the surface in those unlikely situations. 

Flexible Design

The top headband is flexible and can be twisted in quite a strenuous motion without it snapping like regular headsets with plastic and metal lining. The design allows the Mini Rhinos to be easily folded away and ready for storage in your backpack without the worry of them being crushed under pressure.

Headset Build and Controls

The left earpiece features the company sasquatch logo with app support, whereas the right earpiece houses the main controls. There is volume up and down; skip forward and backward; and Siri / Google buttons. At the bottom of the left earpiece is a micro USB connection for charging. Overall the headset material feels breathable and can be worn for a number of hours. The Mini Rhinos are also adjustable in length and feel comfortable and snug on the ears. 

Mini Rhinos Outdoor

Sound and Performance 

The most important aspect of any audio device is how they actually sound. The Mini Rhinos headset has 40mm drivers that deliver crisp sounds and some thunderous bass. Even when fully submerged in water and later retrieved, the wireless headphones will continue your playlist without any interruption.

Bluetooth V5.0

The version of Bluetooth installed on your headset will also determine the quality of sound produced, and the distance you can separate your headset from your smartphone. Generally, you should always look for a headset with Bluetooth 4 and above, as these versions support extended battery life, distances of up to 60 meters, and low energy consumption. The Mini Rhinos comes equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, which is the latest version available. Bluetooth 5.0 has twice the bandwidth of Bluetooth 4.2 and four times the range. Outdoor Tech recommends keeping a range of up to 32 feet from your device for best connectivity.

Outdoor Tech Mini Rhinos

Voice Assistant

The wireless headset also features a built-in microphone for calls and messages. Users will be able to answer, end, and decline calls while wearing the headset. Additionally, Siri and Google may also be activated through voice control. Microphone voice quality is clear and there are no detections of any static or loud background noise when making calls or sending voice notes. 

Battery life 

The Mini Rhinos Bluetooth headphones have a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The headset is charged via a standard micro USB port which provides up to 12 hours of playtime. Battery usage may vary depending on volume levels and microphone use. However, the Mini Rhinos micro USB connection has the advantage of being connectable to power banks, therefore relieving the stress of excess cables on the go. 

What’s in the Box?

Outdoor Tech Mini Rhinos Bluetooth Headphones

Micro-USB Charging Cable

3.5mm AUX Cable

User Manual

Outdoor Tech Sticker

Outdoor Tech Mini Rhinos - What's in the Box?


The Mini Rhinos Wireless headphones certainly live up to its name. The shockproof durability and water resistance make it a great choice for those who might be prone to headphone accidents, or those who just want a strong piece of equipment that will last a long time. You might need to sacrifice flashy looks, but the rugged design is still very appealing and gets the job done. The headset sounds great and is easy to charge on the go. Additional features like the voice assistant and microphone add more convenience to your everyday life. 

What we like: 

40mm drivers that deliver great-sounding audio and decent bass. 

12-hour battery life.

An IPX-6 waterproof rating and durable build which prevents breakage.

A built-in microphone that can be used for calls and voice notes. 

Flexible and easy to store in your backpack. 

Easily accessible controls are situated on each side of the headset.

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  • The Mini Rhinos have very delicate hinges that break easily and then the earpiece hangs down loose. It is better at pairing now but still not as good as the Bose Quiet Comfort. The microphone breaks for no apparent reason. At least the speakers still work when that happens. Outdoor Tech is also tough on replacing units that break unless it happens within one year of purchase not one year of receipt so it is a one year product and then go buy one that will last longer from someone else.