Treblab Z7 Pro Wireless Headphones Review

Treblab Z7 Pro Summary

Treblab’s Z7 Pro wireless headphones are comfortable, with a clean and professional design approach. The sound profile is bass-heavy, which is arguably polarizing, and some improvements could be made to increase the brightness of the sound profile. The hybrid ANC feature works well and is particularly good at removing low hums and drones. The battery life is particularly good with these headphones.


  • Over 40 hours of battery life
  • Hybrid ANC
  • Comfortable fit
  • Fast charging time


  • The microphone quality is bad
  • Over emphasized bass
  • Lack of brightness in the midrange frequencies
Headphone Type:Closed Back
Connection Type:Wireless & Wired
Battery Life (Without ANC):40 to 45 Hours
Battery Life (With ANC):18 to 22 Hours
Charging Time (To 100%):2.5 Hours
Bluetooth Version:5.0
Bluetooth Chipset:QCC 3034
Battery Capacity:900 mAh 3.7V
Bluetooth Range:33 feet / 10 m
Frequency Response:20 Hz – 20 kHz
Driver Size:40mm
Noise Cancellation:Active, Hybrid ANC Technology
Phone Calls:2 microphones with ENC
Dimensions:3.14 x 7.87 x 6.50 in
Weight:0.55 lb
Charging Type:USB-C

Treblab offers audio solutions that strike a balance between affordability and quality. The Z7 Pro is their most expensive headphone offering at around $150. The Z7 is Treblab’s flagship headphone, featuring wireless connectivity and active noise cancellation – but does it justify the costs? At $150, the Z7 competes against the Soundcore Space Q45 and AKG N60NC.

I have previously reviewed their Z2, which I found to be a very viable wireless ANC headphone for under $100, but with the Treblab Z7 Pro costing close to twice as much, I was curious to see how the performance differs between the Z2 and Z7 Pro.

What We Scored It

Overall Rating - 69%
Sound Quality - 60%
Comfort - 72%
Build & Design - 65%
Battery Life - 87%
Features - 70%


The Z7 Pro is a viable choice for a reasonably affordable pair of wireless, ANC headphones. While the sound profile isn't going to excite audiophiles, they will appeal to those who prefer a more bass heavy presence. The build quality is quite good and they are, for the most part comfortable.

User Rating: 4.51 ( 1 votes)

A Sleek Design With Impressive Build Quality

The Treblab Z7 Pro has a good overall build quality that feels sturdy and not particularly prone to breakage. The swivel is perhaps the weakest point if something were to break. The design is clean and sleek. The controls are on the right earpiece and have a touch-responsive earcup design and dedicated ANC, power, and Bluetooth buttons.

  • IPX4 Water-resistance
  • Touch controls
  • Sleek design
  • Swivel joint earcups
  • Bluetooth 5.0

The Treblab Z7 Pro are undeniably good-looking headphones. They feature a somewhat subtle design, void of any flashy coloration. The greyscale design isn’t black but a somewhat metallic grey tone, with the plastic and padding blending in seamlessly. The only accent we see is the contrast of the silver headband extension when one expands the headband.

The plastic material that extends across the headband’s sides and around the earcups’ edge feels durable, and the swivels, which rotate just past 90 degrees, also feel good both in hand and on one’s head. The swivel connection is somewhat narrow, however, and if there is going to be a point of weakness, I’d say it may be in cases where the earcup is over-rotated with excessive force, whereby the swivel hinge could be damaged.

The Treblab Z7 Pro has a soft leather-like material on the outermost portion of the earcups. This acts as volume and track control on the right earcup. Running your finger down on the right earcup lowers the volume while moving it upwards increases the volume. Flicking towards the right moves to the next track, while moving to the left jumps back a track. I quite like the way this is done. I find that this type of control is tricky with earbuds, but the larger diameter of the headphones makes it more viable.

There are still concerns with this approach, though, as it does mean you can accidentally skip tracks if you’re scratching your head and accidentally hit your right earcup. I personally wish that more companies would provide some locking option where you can temporarily and easily disable the touch controls.

The Z7 Pro offers IPX4 water resistance, protecting the headphones from sweat damage and even light rain. This rating is par for the course for headphones of this nature, and I’m glad Treblab opted to give them water protection.

How They Feel When You Wear Them

The Z7 Pro is a comfortable headphone with minimal clamping force. The earcup padding is soft on the skin, but the headband is prone to slipping forward when leaning over.

  • Comfortable clamping pressure
  • Material is soft on the skin
  • Prone to sliding when leaning forward

In terms of comfort, the Treblab Z7 Pro fitted well on my head. There is more clearance between the drivers and the ear than on the Z2, which felt a little cramped. The headband is quite narrow, something I’m not usually a fan of, but I am unable to fault it in how it feels, as it tends to still rest quite well and provide suitable stability without clamping too tightly.

When leaning forward quickly, I did find that there was a tendency for the headphones to slip forward an inch or so. This doesn’t occur when jogging or running; they fit well as long as you stay in a relatively upward position. If you’re at the gym bending over regularly to lift weights, you may be frustrated at this movement.

At the smallest setting, they can fit a child’s head, and with the headband extended fully, even those with larger head shapes should get a comfortable experience. The clamping force doesn’t seem to change much as one scales the sizing.

The padding on the earcups and the headband are similar, with a bit more foam present on the earcups. The overall comfort around the ears is good, but not the best I’ve felt – the pressure is minimal, albeit present. 

Noise Cancellation Performance

While the noise cancellation on the Z7 Pro has flaws, for the most part, it does a good job of removing ambient noise. The hybrid adaptive system tweaks the ANC parameters based on your surroundings.

  • Does well in removing low-frequency droning
  • Hybrid noise canceling with six sensors
  • Best used for travel and commuting

The noise cancellation on the Treblab Z7 Pro isn’t perfect, but it is a marked improvement over the Z2. The Z7 Pro removes low-end frequencies well, but the hybrid ANC system struggles to cancel out some higher-pitch frequencies. The Z7 Pro utilizes a hybrid noise cancellation with six different sensors that adapt to your surroundings.

While continuous low drones of sound are accurately blocked out to a reasonable degree, the same can’t be said about higher frequencies like some talking or clicking sounds. During testing, I had a fan setup beside me, and while the drone of the motor was blocked out successfully, I found the rattle of the fan on the desk was not softened very much.

Because of this, if you’re looking for something to use in the office to block out nearby chatter without playing music, there are better solutions. However, in practice, if you’ve got audio playing, the combination of sound and ANC can provide an immersive listening experience without distractions.

The Treblab Z7 Pro is a good choice for those on commutes, where ambient sound annoyances are often lower-pitched engine tones, which it does a very fair job of canceling.

Sound Performance

An accentuated response that spans from the deep bass range into the lower midrange results in a thumpy and strong bass presence, but the midrange can sometimes feel overpowered, and there is a lack of warmth and brightness.

The Treblab Z7 Pro features 40mm drivers and is powered by aptX-HD codecs. It has a frequency response range of 20Hz to 20kHz. At its recommended retail price, I went into the listening experience with a fairly liberal approach. After all, this type of headphone isn’t made for the enthusiastic audiophile. They are unashamedly consumer headphones that seek to provide sufficient audio quality while offering ANC features and solid build quality.

Here’s where my experience differs from others. I’ve seen other reviewers talk about these headphones and call out their excessive bass and sharp treble, even referring to them as piercing. This was not entirely accurate to my experience.

When it comes to the overall sound signature of these headphones, I noticed a rather extensive elevated bass response, which even extends into the low midrange. A noticeable recessed dip in the midrange can cause some vocal mixes to get a little lost in the lower mid-range and bass. 

The mid and high frequencies are where I feel Treblab could have made a few small tweaks to make these headphones sound great. My biggest problem with the sound profile on these headphones is a lack of brightness, especially around the mids. I’d have preferred to see the emphasis on the bass taper off more towards the lower mids, and then the mids perhaps brought up a touch for more intelligibility.

The soundstage on the Z7 Pro is somewhat limited, as one can expect from a closed-back headphone. It’s not the most intimate-sounding headphone I’ve reviewed, but a lack of depth across instruments is certainly noticeable if you’re moving across from an open-back headphone.

When I compare the sound to the Z2, the Z2 is certainly brighter sounding – but is a bit too bright, almost sounding sharp. A balance between the two would be my own preferred sound, and I think that’s an important aspect to take into account. We all have our own preferences around sound, and despite what many suggest, there is no right and wrong when it comes to enjoying music.

If you find most headphones sound too aggressive or harsh in the vocals, you may enjoy the Z7 Pro for its more toned-down mids. But it’s hard to ignore the aggressive bass tuning that does tend to overpower the recessed mids.

Battery Performance

The Z7 Pro boasts incredible battery performance, providing up to 45 hours of use on a single charge. It can also reach full charge within just 2.5 hours.

Treblab’s battery performance is remarkably good across much of its product range. The Z7 Pro is another example of great battery life being offered by the company. Treblab claims 45 hours of playtime with the Z7 Pro, which is close to what our tests performed. Even during our initial listening test, we were able to get through more than 2 hours of listening without the battery dropping to 95%. This is an impressive playtime and means you can often go a week without recharging.

When using the headphones with ANC active, this will reduce the battery life by around 50%, so you can expect closer to 20 hours of listening with ANC.

One of the reasons for the extensive battery life is the headphone’s feature that automatically pauses music when the headphone is removed from the head and automatically resumes playback once they are placed back on the ear.

Perhaps more impressive is the rapid charging time that sees the Z7 Pro able to be fully recharged within just two and a half hours and up to 5 hours of playtime from just 20 minutes of charging.

Microphone Quality

A lack of clarity and persistent static is a disappointment. The Z7 Pro performed worse in our microphone tests than other headphones we have tested.

The Treblab Z7 Pro can also cater to calls with its built-in microphone. Unfortunately, the quality of the built-in microphone is a weak point for the Z7 Pro and fails to impress on any level. The microphone would often only pick up the audio only after I started speaking. In addition, the overall quality is also low, with a distinct static noise in the recordings.

Here is a sound snippet recorded using the Z7 Pro microphone and a comparison with a cheaper headphone product below it.

For its price, I’d have liked to have seen better microphone quality offered from the Z7 Pro, and while it’s a feature I never use, it is no doubt a downside to those who regularly use their headphones for phone calls.

Conclusion – The Z7 Pro Offer Reasonable Performance at a Reasonable Price

Overall, the Treblab Z7 Pro is a reasonable-sounding pair of headphones that offer good comfort and a beautiful design. Their bass-heavy presence is polarizing but will be welcomed by those who primarily play EDM and Hip-Hop. The battery life is a big selling point for the Z7 Pro and can provide you with days of listening before needing a recharge.

While there are noticeable shortfalls in the audio performance and microphone quality, the noise cancellation is impressive for certain frequencies but also has room for improvement.

These headphones are best suited for the everyday listener who is looking for a pair of headphones they can take with them while they exercise or bring along for their work commutes or even travel. They will block out most environmental noise on trains and airplanes and still sound better than many other headphones at this price point.

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