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Audio Pro Addon C10 Wireless Speaker Review

Established in 1978, Audio Pro strived to create products with premium sound quality at affordable rates. Flash-forward to today and you’ll find their products in 45 countries across the globe, still following the same ambition as when they first started. The Audio Pro Addon C10, one of their top-selling speakers, is what we’ll be taking a closer look at today.

One of the minds behind Audio Pro, an engineer named Karl-Erik Stahl, changed the game with his invention of ACE-Bass. ACE-Bass is a patented innovation that allows small subwoofers to produce deep bass frequencies. As such, Audio Pro products are a force to be reckoned with. They’ve been in the speaker business for a long time and have earned their reputation as a multi-award-winning brand within the industry. Unlike most manufacturers, what makes them so unique is that all their speakers are highly powered and wireless.

In2017, AudioPro launched its Addon range of multi-room speakers.  This range consisted of four speakers (C3, C5, C5A, C10). The Addon C10 is the largest model in this range, with AudioProthemselves labeling it as “the heavyweight champion of multiroom HiFi performance”. Created with one purpose in mind, the idea behind the C10 is simple – to give you pure joy and entertainment.

Audio Pro Addon C10

Audio Pro Addon C10 – Technical Specifications

Amplifier80W Digital Class D
Tweeter2 x 3⁄4” textile dome
Woofer5.25” long-throw
InputsWiFi, Bluetooth V4.0, RCA, 3.5mm Stereo
OutputsSub Output, USB DC Out
Frequency Range45Hz – 22kHz
Frequency Crossover2.500Hz
Multiroom FunctionalityAudio Pro Multiroom
Network Compatibility802.11b/g/n, 2.4 GHz
Supported Streaming FeaturesBluetooth, Apple Airplay, Spotify Connect
Supported Audio FormatsMP3m WMA, AAC, FLAC, Apple Lossless
Dimensions15.4 x 10.9 x 10.3 inches
Weight8.71 lbs


Audio Pro is a Swedish-based company, and the design of their products really showcases that classic Scandinavian style. Removing the C10 from the box, the very first thing you’ll notice about it is that it’s pretty heavy. The C10 weighs around 8.71 pounds, it’s solid and built like a tank. From the front, the C10 looks nearly identical to all the other Addon models in this range. The design is modern and minimalistic, with the front of the speaker featuring just your 5.25” woofer along with two 3⁄4” tweeters placed on either side. The speakers are mounted inside a sturdy enclosure, which is available in three monochrome colors – black, grey, or white.

Looking at the top of the speaker, the simple, classic-feel design is continued. Centered on the top is a leather handle, with a control panel just below it. The control panel itself features a brushed-metal finish and the design is symmetrical and neat. Depending on the color option you choose, your control panel will also match the finishing on the handle – attention to detail design by Audio Pro, which most will appreciate.



With twice the power of the smaller Addon C5 model, the Addon C10 features a dedicated digital amplifier for each drive unit. The 80 watts of power ensures that this speaker packs a punch! The low-end (bass) is tight and punchy, and vocal separation is excellent. Audio Pro’s ACE-Bass technology ensures that this small box gives off some big sound! Not only can you expect room-filling sound from this small-but-mighty speaker. The ability to link several speakers together for a multi-room connection will allow you to fill an entire home with premium-quality sound!

The C10 not only performs impeccably on a multitude of genres, but it reproduces nearly every sound you can throw at it. Podcasts and radio stations are clear and detailed, while most TV’s will receive an epic sonic boost.


What I really love about the Addon C10 is that it’s compatible with just about every wireless streaming format you can think of: Bluetooth, Apple Airplay, as well as Spotify. If that’s not enough, it does also feature an ethernet port at the back if you do want a wired connection as well. Additionally, when it comes to audio format support, the C10 supports MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, and Apple Lossless.


As mentioned earlier, on the top of the speaker you’ll find the main control panel. It’s simple and easy to use. Here you’ll find input selection (WiFi/ Bluetooth/ Aux), play/pause, power on/off and a Bluetooth Sync button. On the center of the control panel is a large, round volume control button. To the right of this, you’ll find 4 custom pre-set buttons. Perhaps you have a favorite playlist or radio station? You can use these to assign a button to your chosen pre-set and easily access your favorites. Finally, you’ll also find an easy to access AUX port on top as well.


Inputs and Outputs

Taking a look at the back of the C10 you’ll find your input and output connection ports. Moving from left to right along the back you’ll find a “WiFi connect” button, which you’ll use when you’re setting up your wifi connection for the first time. Moving along, there is a “Wifi Play/ Input Play” switch which allows you to turn the Wifi connection on or off, depending on what input mode you’d like to use. Next, you will see the RCA line-in, which means you aren’t forced to use the 3.5mm Aux port on top. The C10 does also feature a Subwoofer input.

Audio Pro has its own range of Subwoofers if you’d like to match your products, but the C10 already has so much bass that I’m not sure this would even be necessary. You’ll also find a USB port for charging your phone or media device situated on the back of the C10, along with an ethernet connection if you’d like to use that over a Wifi connection. Lastly, you have your standard power input on the bottom right corner.

App Control

The Addon C10 can be controlled via an easy-to-use app. From here you can stream your favorite music from services such as Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Tunein, Qobuz, iHeart Radio, and even Napster. You can also set all your preset buttons I mentioned earlier in the app as well.

The Addon range of speakers can all be connected together, either as a stereo pair or as a multi-room system. The app allows you to connect multiple speakers together and control them all right from the app. This means that each individual speakers’ bass, treble and volume settings can all be controlled from your smartphone. You can also name each speaker, set a sleep timer, or check the WiFi strength.

While the Audio Pro C10 speaker provides excellent sound quality, the app can see some improvement. We found it to be glitchy and somewhat frustrating to operate at times. When looking at other reviews online we realized we weren’t the only ones experiencing problems. With that said, unlike the physical product – an app can easily be improved and updated at any time. We’ll definitely be passing this feedback onto the brand. 

Audio Pro Addon C10 Pros & Cons

What we liked:

  • Excellent sound quality
  • Simple, clean design
  • Superb features at its price point
  • Multi-room functionality

What we didn’t like:

  • The sometimes-problematic app

Audio Pro Addon C10 vs Sonos Play 5

A lot of people are interested in knowing how the Addon C10 compares to the Sonos Play 5. We’ve also reviewed the Play:5 in-depth here if you’d like to read more about it. 

Simply put – while the Sonos Play 5 trumps in terms of its mobile app and room-filling sound, the Addon C10 wins in its actual sound quality. Being cheaper than the Play:5 as well, it’s certainly value for money.

What’s in the Box?

  • Audio Pro Addon C10 Wireless Speaker
  • Power Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

Audio Pro Addon C10 – Conclusion

The Addon C10 may be small in stature, but it’s certainly big in sound! If you’re looking for a speaker with rich, powerful performance then the Audio Pro Addon C10 is for you. At its price point, the C10 is one of the best sounding Bluetooth speakers available. Not only is it packed with power, but it has really useful features too. With the multi-room setup, you can either play one song on all speakers throughout your home or play a different song in different rooms at the same time. There’s a reason the Addon range comes highly recommended and we’ll definitely be keeping our eye on new Audio Pro products.

Do you own an Addon C10 or any of the other Addon models? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Hi. I just bought an Addon C10 and love it. Now I’ve spent most of my funds and want to buy the cheapest audio pro speaker to get stereo. The BT5 is $200. Could it be connected to the Addon C10 or do the speakers have to be Addon ones?
    Thanks. Jill

    • Hi Jill,

      Glad to hear you love the C10!

      You can only connect together speakers from the A-, C- and D-series speakers. The BT5 and T models are Bluetooth only and cannot be connected together. The A10 would be the cheapest WiFi speaker that can be connected with C10.

      Hope that helps!


    • Hi Jill,

      As per the previous reply, the T3 wouldn’t be able to connect with the C10.


      • Hi. Can I control volume from my android phone over Bluetooth?
        Thanks in advance. Planning to by tomorrow. Happy I have come across one locally.

        • Hi Jason,

          Thanks for getting in touch!

          Yes you can. If you have a multi-room setup you can also adjust the volume of a single speaker individually without changing the volume of the rest.


  • It is an excellent speaker with a LOT of bottom end,you might want to use the app to control the bass if you listen to anything other than classical,i don’t like using any bass or treble controls so i use an Kef Muo for everything other than classical

  • I bought a c10 6 months ago and it has a great sound but 2 weeks it stopped working, due to a firmware issue so I took it back to the supplier and luckily they are going to replace it under warranty. I’m now worried if it happens again when the warranty runs out I’ll bbe left with boat anchor