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Bio: Matthew is an audio engineering graduate with a strong passion for post-production, recording engineering, and audio technology. Matthew is also an experienced musician with over a decade of experience in recording, touring, and performing. Matthew enjoys studying the inner workings of audio equipment and acoustics theory.

SEREONIC Portable Wireless TV Speakers vol

Sereonic Portable TV Speakers Review

Published on 20 Feb 2022

The Low-Down! Serene Innovations has created the Sereonic Portable Wireless TV Speaker for those of us who struggle to hear the dialogue on our tv system. You can bring the speaker right to where you are seated. The speaker has an adjustable tone control for speech clarity which prevents you from blaring your volume, straining […]

Simolio SM-621D Wireless TV Speaker Review

Published on 17 Feb 2022

The Low-Down! Simolio’s SM-621D Wireless TV Speaker is a great device for those that are hard of hearing. It allows the user to hear the dialog of their favorite television shows better without disturbing the rest of the household. It also works great as a wireless headphone connection. As a limited-range wireless speaker used for […]

Treblab X3 Pro Wireless Earbuds

Treblab X3 Pro Wireless Earphones Review

Published on 31 Jan 2022

The Low-Down! The Treblab X3 Pro offers a tight, punchy, and fat low end, a warm lower midrange, and crisp and clean higher frequencies. However, the upper midrange lacks a touch of presence. These earphones have low latency, with an incredible dynamic range. When changing the volume there is a slight delay in the earphone’s […]

Presonus Eris E5

PreSonus Eris E5 Studio Reference Monitors Review

Published on 18 Jan 2022

The Low-Down! The PreSonus Eris E5 belongs to the Eris family of studio monitors, aimed at entry-level engineers, DJs, or home recording musicians looking for an affordable pair of reference monitors that still get the job done. While many options are available in a similar price range from various reputable manufacturers, the Eris E5’s certainly […]

noise cancellation

Noise Cancellation- What is it, and How Does it Work?

Published on 12 Nov 2021

Noise cancellation, also referred to as Active Noise Control, is the process by which we reduce the amount of unwanted noise from entering an audio system or signal path. This is done through various methods, which we’ll examine in this article. Noise reduction technology in headphones was first introduced to the commercial market in the […]

Speaker Construction and Components

Published on 25 Oct 2021

The loudspeaker as we know it today is available in many shapes, sizes, and configurations to fulfill various purposes. It has become a common device in such forms. Technically speaking, we all own multiple speakers – from our personal headphones, earbuds, and handheld Bluetooth speakers we use daily to those we commonly forget about, such […]

best bone conduction headphones

Best Bone Conduction Headphones

Published on 22 Sep 2021

Since the first set of headphones were successfully developed at the turn of the 20th century for military purposes, portable listening devices have revolutionized the way we enjoy auditory media. While it took some time to become commercially available, we were suddenly no longer restricted to our audio systems at home to experience pre-recorded or […]

best computer speaker

The Best Computer Speakers

Published on 09 Jul 2021

Outboard computer speakers have become a common addition to many personal computer setups. Their primary purpose is to enhance the user’s listening experience- whether used for music, gaming, virtual conferencing, or other applications. Computer speaker systems are available in a variety of styles, sizes and some have additional capabilities. This article will discuss our ten […]

PuroGamer Gaming Headset Review - Audiostance

Puro Sound Labs PuroGamer Review

Published on 28 Oct 2020

The Low-Down! Overall, the Puro Sound Labs PuroGamer is an affordable gaming headset with everything you need, whether it’s used for gaming, music, movies, online learning, or podcast. If protecting your hearing health while enjoying a quality set of headphones is important to you, you definitely can’t go wrong with the PuroGamer Gaming Headset. Puro […]