Author - Matthew Cox

Matthew is an audio engineering graduate with a strong passion for post-production, recording engineering, and audio technology. Matthew is also an experienced musician with over a decade of experience in recording, touring, and performing. Matthew enjoys studying the inner workings of audio equipment and acoustics theory.
Are Tube Amps Worth It?

Are Tube Amps Worth It?

They may sound better, but they are expensive, delicate, and require maintenance. Are tube amps worth it? To truly address this question, let’s dig into how tube amps work and how they differ from traditional solid-state amplifiers. The debate...

JBL Flip 6

JBL Flip 6 vs Flip 5

The Low-Down! The new JBL Flip 6 brings with it some great improvements to the JBL Flip 5, most noteworthy of which are the additions to weather resistance, audio performance, and Bluetooth capabilities. The improvements seen between the JBL Flip 6...