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Bio: Matthew is an audio engineering graduate with a strong passion for post-production, recording engineering, and audio technology. Matthew is also an experienced musician with over a decade of experience in recording, touring, and performing. Matthew enjoys studying the inner workings of audio equipment and acoustics theory.

The Best Floor-Standing Speakers For Your Home

Published on 22 Sep 2023

As the name suggests, floor-standing speakers are tall speakers that stand on the floor rather than on speaker stands, bookshelves, or television cabinets. These types of speakers differ from standard home theater speakers and music playback systems in several ways. Floor-standing speakers are designed and built to stand out rather than blend into your home […]


The Best Bookshelf Speakers

Published on 18 Aug 2023

Bookshelf speakers offer a versatile solution that can be used to upgrade your listening experience in a multitude of scenarios. Bookshelf speakers are an excellent option whether you’re looking to upgrade your computer audio, add to your home theatre experience, or need a pair of speakers to pair to your vinyl player. This list highlights […]

multiroom home audio

Multiroom Audio Systems – What Are They & Are They Worth Having?

Published on 15 Aug 2023

Multiroom audio systems have transformed the way we can enjoy music, podcasts, radio, or news in our homes. If you’re looking to stream media across your home or business without needing to stress about cabling and amplification, a multiroom setup is the way to go.  Multiroom systems link devices source and playback devices together wirelessly, […]

cable unbalanced vs balanced

Unbalanced vs. Balanced Audio Connectors and Cables

Published on 07 Jul 2023

Audio connectors are found on either end of any audio cable used to transmit signal from one device to another. Various connector types are used in both professional and consumer-grade products, and all connectors can be divided into two main categories: balanced and unbalanced. Understanding what sets these two connector types is incredibly important, whether […]

How To Pick A Home Theatre Projector

Published on 23 Jun 2023

Integrating a projector into your home theatre system is an easy way to bring the cinematic experience to your home. With a projector for your home theatre, you can enjoy movies, TV shows, sports, and even games on the big screen without having to fork out thousands for a giant TV. Although TV sets are […]

How To EQ Your Headphones

Published on 14 Jun 2023

Equalizing (also known as EQing) is a way for you to customize your listening experience by adjusting the tonal qualities of your headphones. This can be done using a physical equalizer or EQ software. Both of these methods will allow you to control the level of a range of frequencies, either increasing or decreasing their […]

The 8 Best Surround Sound Systems To Improve Your Home Audio

Published on 17 May 2023

Whether you’re an audiophile, film fanatic, or even just someone who enjoys watching some series or movies here and there, a sound system upgrade is an effective and easy way of elevating your viewing experience. We’ve picked some of our favorite surround sound systems in all various formats (ranging from 5.1 to 11.1.4 configurations) with both […]

Speaker Stands

The 9 Best Speaker Stands For Every Type of Speaker

Published on 06 May 2023

Speaker stands may not be the first thing you think of when you think of upgrading your audio setup, but not only do they add to the aesthetic of your setup. They can impact how you perceive the quality of sound. The best speaker stands to get are stable and support your speaker model, as […]

The 10 Loudest Bluetooth Speakers - Audiostance

The 9 Best Loudest Bluetooth Speakers

Published on 26 Apr 2023

We’ve listened to a lot of speakers, and while loudness is easy to find, what can be tougher is to find loud Bluetooth speakers that still offer high-quality audio without excessively muddy bass or piercing treble. In this article, we look at some of the loudest Bluetooth speakers currently out on the market and see […]

What Are Speaker Drivers & How Do They Differ?

Published on 19 Apr 2023

Speaker drivers are the components of a speaker system that convert electrical signals into sound waves. They are the heart of any speaker system and come in different sizes, materials, and components depending on their application. Let’s take a look at the role the driver plays in relation to the other components of a speaker: […]