Treblab X3 Pro Wireless Earbuds

Treblab X3 Pro Wireless Earphones Review

The Low-Down!

The Treblab X3 Pro offers a tight, punchy, and fat low end, a warm lower midrange, and crisp and clean higher frequencies. However, the upper midrange lacks a touch of presence. These earphones have low latency, with an incredible dynamic range. When changing the volume there is a slight delay in the earphone’s response time, but nothing too obvious.

Treblab X3 Pro Wireless Earbuds

Treblab X3 Pro

Battery Life:
45 hrs

Noise Cancelling:

Bluetooth Range:
33 ft

IPX Rating:

Bluetooth Codec: 5.0 with APTX
Weight: 7.8 ouncces
Controls: Volume Up, Volume Down, Multi-Functional Button
Speaker Driver Size: 11mm
Voice Assistant: Siri, Google Assistant

Quick and Easy Setup

The Treblab X3 Pro Wireless Earphones arrived in a neat little box, which included the earphones in their carry/charging case, a user manual, a Treblab sticker, interchangeable earbud tips, and a USB-C charging cable. Pairing them for the first time was incredibly painless: once the earbuds are removed from their case, simply place them in your ears and activate the Bluetooth pairing on your source device. Within 3 seconds, the connection is successful and confirmed by a female voice whispering “Connected” in your ears. 

Passive Noise Cancellation Creates a Private Listening Experience

When I first established my Bluetooth pairing, I evaluated the noise cancellation effectiveness before playing any music. The Treblab X3 Pros do not utilize active noise cancellation technologies. Still, they provide a decent level of noise cancellation due to the in-ear configuration of the earbuds, provided you use the tips that match your ear canal size. 

This noise cancellation technique tremendously reduces the level of outside sounds and completely eliminates them once the music is playing, even at a low volume. I consider this both a pro and a con, depending on how you intend to use the earphones. I feel that when using them while running, cycling, or even walking on the street, I would prefer to have some form of connection to the world around me should my attention be needed, however for private listening around the house or office, they’re perfect. 

Treblab X3 Pro Wireless Earbuds

Immersive Sound, Massive Bass, and Crystal-Clear Highs

Upon first listen, the Treblab X3 Pro Wireless Earphones sounded incredible. I really was impressed with the well-rounded, dynamic, and detailed sounds this set of earbuds can produce. The low end is surprisingly tight, punchy, and fat without compromising the definition of the rest of the frequency spectrum. The lower midrange possesses plenty of warmth and character, while I feel the upper midrange lacks a touch of presence. As for the higher frequencies, the intelligibility here is incredibly crisp and clean. 

As someone who enjoys many styles of music, I particularly enjoy these earphones. Whether you’re into rock, hip hop, dance, pop, jazz, or metal- the Treblab X3 Pros will provide you with an immersive listening experience. 

Next, I tested the X3 Pro’s performance with video content. I was impressed by a lack of lag and an incredible dynamic range: everything from the gentle footsteps to the massive explosions sounded incredible and in-your-face. I did discover a slight delay in the earphone’s response time to volume adjustments; however, it is not too noticeable, especially when your attention is drawn elsewhere. 

As for volume levels, the Treblab X3 Pros are capable of reaching 93dB (that’s about as loud as a gunshot, by the way). I was impressed how sound quality did not begin to deteriorate as the volume climbed: the low-end remained tight and warm without distorting, while the upper frequencies did not get too harsh. This listening level can be damaging to your ears, so be sure to use these earphones responsibly. 

Long-Lasting Battery, Take Them Anywhere!

One of the things I am most impressed by is the Treblab X3 Pros’ incredible battery life provided by a short charge of only 2 hours. The earphones can provide nonstop playback for up to 9 hours on a single charge. If they are returned to their carry/charging case, an additional 36 hours of playtime is available at your fingertips. 

The IPX7 water resistance rating of the X3 Pros means they are more than ideal for use at the gym, in the shower, or even during outdoor sports when a slight drizzle is to be expected. The Treblab X3 is completely protected from splashes, sweat, rain, and even a shallow submersion of up to 3.2 ft for less than 30 minutes. You can take headphones to the pool for a swim! Due to the current weather season in my city, I haven’t been able to rain-test them just yet, but they work great in the shower and sweaty conditions.

As for portability, the Treblab X3 Pros are lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended periods of time and during strenuous exercise. My only complaint is the size of the carry case- while it can fit in your pocket, it is quite bulky and won’t leave much room for other items such as keys or a cellphone.

The case itself is fairly sturdy, so transporting it should not be a concern, and it can easily fit into a backpack or handbag. Alternatively, you can simply hook the X3 Pros onto a shirt collar or belt loop using the ear hooks. This technique is a little too anxiety-inducing for me, but I’ve seen some users carry their wireless earbuds around this way with no issues. 

The Bluetooth range on these earphones are great and can comfortably operate while your source device is up to 33ft away- more than enough range for common applications such as using them on a run or at the gym while they’re in your backpack or on the bench, in the shower or around the house. 

Treblab X3 Pro Wireless Earbuds

Are the X3 Pros Worth It?

Personally, I love these earphones and would recommend them to anyone looking for a true wireless headset for practically any application. A 30-day return is included with the purchase, as well as a 12-month warranty. At a price of just over $70.00, the Treblabs X3 Pro Wireless Earphones are some of the best money can buy within that price range.

What We Like:

  • Long battery life makes for uninterrupted listening
  • Easy setup and pairing every time
  • Immersive sound quality with minimal distortion at high volumes
  • Great noise isolation when used in safe environments
  • Strong Bluetooth connection over a long-range

What We Don’t Like:

  • Bulky carry case doesn’t fit too comfortably in a pocket
  • Slight delay in the earphone’s response to volume adjustments
  • It could be slightly more comfortable
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