The Best Cat Ear Headphones

Today, over-ear headphones come in countless shapes and styles- it’s no exaggeration to say there’s one for everyone, no matter your thematic, color, or stylistic preferences. Cat ear headphones are a style of headset that is rapidly growing in popularity worldwide in both Japanese and Western societies. They have become popular for kids and adults in recent years – often being used by those involved in internet culture.

For streamers, cat ear headphones add an element of allure for the viewer and can play an important role in bringing to life the character that the streamer has created. These headphones are available in models intended for children and adults, but knowing which are worth buying can be challenging. That’s why we’re here.

Our Pick!

Razer Kraken Kitty V2

The Razer Kraven Kitty V2 is a high-quality headphone for kids and adults. They are ideal for streamers, with lighting effects triggered by emotes and alerts. They feature cat, bear, and bunny ears.

If you’re looking for a quick summary, scroll down to the end of this article, where we take you through how the idea for cat ear headphones was conceived, how the production came about, and what caused their rapidly rising popularity in recent years. 

1. Razer Kraken Kitty V2

razer kraken kitty v2 cat headphones

The Razer Kraken Kitty V2 is the latest upgrade to the Kraken series of cat ear headphones. Unlike most other headphones with cat ears, they are intended for adults and those who want to retain good-quality audio.

These headphones don’t have built-in ears but allow you to add and remove the ears section. This is an awesome feature for those who want to keep the headphones discreet in some environments while still allowing them to go ‘cat mode’ when desired.

The Kraken Kitty V2 is improved from the initial iteration in both its sound properties and its design. It features 50mm TriForce titanium drivers for deep bass, clear mids, and a bright, detailed sound. The 7.1 surround sound design also improves your soundstage experience, making gaming more immersive.

These cat ear headphones are designed with streamers in mind. The lighting display, which is both bright and vibrant, can also respond to emotes and alerts, allowing you to sync your RGB with your stream alerts. Three different ear types are included, which can be attached interchangeably. Cat, bear, and bunny ears are available, allowing streamers to keep their appearance fresh and exciting for their audience.

While many cat ear headphones are targeted towards children and are mostly novelty in nature, the Razer Kraken Kitty V2 is a solid-sounding pair of headphones with a high-quality built-in microphone and can be used to replace your current gaming headphones.

What We Like

  • Removable cat ears
  • Phenomenal surround sound
  • Versatile RGB lighting
  • Three different ear types included

What We Dislike

  • Can be uncomfortable to wear for some users


YOWU RGB 4 cat ear headphones

Starting off with our premium choice, the YOWU RGB 4 cat ear headphones combine high-quality headset performance with the trendy aesthetic of cat ear headphones to deliver this promising high-performance pair of cans. Available in three colors, the YOWU RGB 4 headset is designed to suit any game/streaming environment. 

Starting with the sound quality, the YOWU RGB 4 supplies high-quality stereo sound through a 50mm driver to provide an immersive listening experience for music, games, and movies. The companion app allows you to set up sound effects for various scenarios, as well as control the extensive lighting modes, colors, and effects. 

The ear cups and kitty ear extensions on the YOWU RGB 4 cat ear headphones are illuminated by RGB lights, where you can choose between several light effects and modes and an overwhelming selection of colors. The onboard boom-style microphone is detachable and utilizes active noise-cancellation technology to provide noise-free streams or in-game communications. 

When the RGB lights are inactive, the YOWU RGB 4 can operate on a single charge for up to 48 hours. The RGB lights can seriously drain this battery, though, as a playtime of around 8-10 hours can only be supported here. However, this cat ear headset can be fully recharged within 60 minutes. 

The YOWU RGB 4 cat ear headphones support Bluetooth 5.0 to provide a latency-free gaming experience or a 3.5mm auxiliary cable can be linked to your gaming console, PC or certain non-Bluetooth compatible devices. 

While this pair of cat ear headphones is by far the most expensive on this list, the guaranteed sound and microphone quality, mesmerizing RGB lights, and durable, comfortable build make for a worthwhile purchase if you’re serious about kitty ear headsets. 

What We Like

  • Comfortable fit
  • Great sound quality
  • Crystal clear microphone quality

What We Dislike

  • Rather expensive

3. Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones

Axent wear cat ear headphones

The original cat ear headphones manufacturer, Axent, has kept its place as one of the best on the market. Here, we list them as the best Bluetooth headsets, though their additional features and specifications are worth discussing. 

Axent’s cat ear headphones differ slightly from the others on this list, as the cat ear extensions on the headband can act as loudspeakers themselves. While the main headset is in use, the kitty ears can play music out loud- a bit of a strange feature, and I don’t see the point in this, as headphones are supposed to provide a private listening experience, but I’m sure some could enjoy this feature. The cat ears and the main headset’s ear cups also light up. 

As for connectivity options, the Axent cat ear headphones support Bluetooth connectivity; though the version is not specified, I would assume it is one of the newer, higher-performing codecs. A 3.5mm auxiliary cable can connect your cell phone, gaming console, DVD player, or computer for wired connections. 

The battery life of the Axent cat ear headphones is another impressive quality, capable of running for a total of 30 hours on a charge time of only 1.5 hours. 

The onboard microphone is built into the headset and cannot be adjusted or removed. The quality of the mic is decent enough for in-game communications or live streams, but it doesn’t have any noise-cancellation capabilities. 

The only let-down with these Axent cat ear headphones is the ridiculous weight of the headset. The weight of this pair of headphones can become seriously annoying when used for extended time periods, which is to be expected for a gaming-focused headset. 

What We Like

  • Outstanding battery life
  • Versatile connectivity options

What We Dislike

  • Average microphone quality
  • Very heavy, may cause discomfort

4. FosPower Cat Ear

Designed for use by children, the FosPower cat ear headphones are designed with children’s hearing health and comfort in mind. This brightly-colored cat ear headset is available in two color combinations and makes for a great children’s gift. 

The FosPower cat ear headphones are designed and built with great attention to detail regarding comfort and safety. The first feature to catch my attention was the built-in volume limiter. This limiter is non-adjustable, permanently set at 85dB, about as loud as a blender. The aim of this is to prevent children from pushing the volume to the max and potentially causing serious long-term damage to their hearing, though 85dB is not exactly quiet, so I’d recommend limiting the amount of time spent at this volume level.  

The cable for the FosPower cat ear headphones is laced, preventing tangling issues or trip hazards for your child. The padded ear cups and headband are specifically designed for children’s use, as they are incredibly comfortable and well-padded to prevent any scratching or unwanted pressure on your child’s head or ears. 

The headset is also incredibly well-built and should survive multiple drops, throws, and whatever else may cause other headsets to suffer at children’s hands. As for lighting effects, the built-in light feature can be turned on and off as you please.

What We Like

  • Safe and comfortable for children
  • Eye-catching children’s design
  • Heavy duty

What We Dislike

  • None

5. SIMGAL Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones

The SIMGAL Bluetooth cat ear headphone set is heavily advertised as a children’s pair, though adults can certainly use it for gaming, streaming, or casual listening. The SIMGAL cat ear headphones are available in three colors and hold a variety of handy features. 

The cat ear extensions and ear cups are RGB backlit, supporting only one constant color with no flashing, breathing, or interactive effect modes. The lights can be activated or deactivated using a button on the headphone’s control panel found on the ear cup. These cat ear headphones support Bluetooth connectivity, as well as 3.5mm auxiliary connections for your computer, cell phone, TV, or gaming console. 

On the control strip on the ear cup, you can control volume, turn RGB lights on/off, skip/rewind songs, and pause music from the headset itself. The built-in microphone is not adjustable or removable, though it does feature some noise-cancellation technology. 

As for comfort, the ear cups and headband are heavily padded with memory foam, and the breathability of this headset allows for long-term use. The ear cups can fold within the headband swivel-like for convenient storage. 

The sound quality of these cat ear headphones is rather impressive, offering surround sound enhanced listening and a Hi-Fi-like sound signature, which may not be the greatest for critical listening, though for gaming, streaming, and movies, these will certainly elevate your listening experience.

The SIMGAL cat ear headphones are one of the more affordable options on this list, though the value for money offered here is outstanding. If taken care of, this kitty ear headset should last countless entertaining hours. 

To complete your game or stream setup, SIMGAL also produces a range of RGB keyboards, gaming mice, and colorful headphone stands. 

What We Like

  • Comfortable ear cups and headband
  • Foldable design makes for easy storage/transport
  • Extensive control panel

What We Dislike

  • None

6. Mokata Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones

mokata cat ear headphones

These cat ear headphones come with Bluetooth 5.0, providing wireless support that allows you to use them both at home and outdoors. The ears are fixed to the headband, which has a textured grip. The ears and parts of the outer ear cap light up for a vibrant visual effect.

The inclusion of Bluetooth is a welcome addition, and with Bluetooth 5.0 being a relatively modern version, they’ll retain a good connection from range and have lower latency than older Bluetooth variants. For wired connections, the Mokata has a 3.5mm standard jack, supported by computers and laptops. A USB-C connection is not offered, but they can be bought separately and help bridge the compatibility gap with modern consoles.

Mokata states that these headphones are suitable for both children and adults, but the size and durability are better suited for younger users, mostly aged 5 to 15. Adults with smaller heads will still be able to use these headphones, but the stress from the headband extension can damage the plastic over time when stretched.

The removable cable allows these headphones to retain a sleek design when used wirelessly, and the soft ear cups make them relatively comfortable, though you could not compare them to the Razer Kraken Kitty regarding overall build quality and comfort during extended use. The Mokata can fold up, making them easy to transport, especially useful for parents who don’t want to be carrying their kid’s bulky headphones around when they’re tired of using them.

While some of the advertising materials state these headphones can last for up to 25 hours, you’ll realistically get between 6 and 9 hours of active use, which varies depending on the active lighting effects. Activating the LEDs will lower the battery life.

Overall, these are a solid option for younger users. They are very cheap, typically available for under $30, which is remarkable given the Bluetooth feature.

What We Like

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 8-hour average battery life
  • Affordable

What We Dislike

  • Not suitable for most adults
  • Limited microphone performance

7. Somic G951

Offering incredible value for money, the Somic G951 cat ear headphones with detachable kitty ears are great gaming or film-viewing headsets with various handy features to elevate your listening experience. 

The Somic G951 cat ear headphones connect to your PC, console, or TV via USB and are powered through the USB port. Somic also makes the G2510 cat ear headphones with additional features for a wireless option. Like most others, these cat ear headphones have a set of LED lights on the ear cups, which operate on a breathing-style effect. Unfortunately, this can’t be adjusted as it’s the only lighting mode available. 

For gamers who are film enthusiasts, the sound quality here is nothing short of intensely immersive. A 7.1 surround sound system puts you in the center of the action, and an additional vibrating effect (which can be toggled on/off) provides an additional form of 4-dimensional experiential listening. 

On the side of the ear cups, you control the vibration mode, LED lights, volume up & down controls, and microphone on/off modes. The ear cups are a little larger than usual and form a tight seal when in use, providing a form of passive noise cancellation; however, the ear cups aren’t the most comfortable as the padding isn’t very thick, and the lining doesn’t allow for much breathability. As for the headband, the Somic G951 cat ear headphones use a self-adjusting setup rather than the more commonly seen locking style. 

What We Like

  • Onboard controls on the ear cup
  • Great value for money

What We Dislike

  • No Bluetooth connectivity option

Cat Ear Headphone Buyer’s Guide

Buying cat ear headphones is slightly more challenging than traditional headphones, mostly because limited options exist. Most models are made with cheap plastics and intended for novelty use. This buyer’s guide will cover some important considerations when buying a pair.

Consider Sound Quality

Assuming you’re buying these headphones for more than just aesthetics, sound quality will be the most important factor to consider. Many of these headphones come from small Chinese companies and lack the same quality control found in larger brands. If you’re looking for the best quality sound, opt for a headphone model from a trusted brand. Razer’s Kraken Kitty V2 has the best quality we’ve found – with Yowu coming in second best. For gaming, having virtual surround sound can be beneficial, a feature also offered by the Kraken Kitty V2.

Permanent vs. Removable Ears

There are two primary types of cat ear headphones: those with built-in ears and those with ears that can be attached and detached. Each has benefits and drawbacks, but the one noticeable benefit of having detachable ears is that you can remove them in situations where they may be out of place. For instance, going into an office Zoom meeting with cat ears may not create the professional impression you’d like.

Connection Support

Headphones come with various connection methods. Bluetooth is the most common wireless connection type offered, though it remains relatively rare in cat ear models. Still, opting for a Bluetooth version is essential if you’re looking to use headphones wirelessly. Additionally, consider which types of consoles you will use the headphones with. You’ll want an aux or USB connection for computer use, while USB-C is preferable for mobile gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch. Some models come with connection adapters, but if the headphones you like don’t support a particular connection type, you can buy an aftermarket connection adapter to change it.

RGB Lighting

Lighting effects can add vibrance and life to your headphones, and for streamers, it can also bring additional excitement to their stream. The quality of RGB differs between headphone models, and some offer a static light display while others, like the Razer Kraken Kitty V2, have dynamic lighting that can even be changed through things like Stream alerts and certain emotes. Consider how important lighting is to your purchase, and ensure you opt for a model that can produce the effects you’re looking for.

How did cat ear headphones come about?

It all begins with the introduction of such cat-human characters, pioneered by Japanese children’s literature artist Kenji Miyazawa in 1924. The Western comic market drew inspiration from such concepts, which brought about the birth of characters like DC’s Catwoman and Cheetah and Marvel’s Black Cat, among many others.

 In more recent years, an anime artist known as Wenqing Yan came across the idea of cat ear headphones while working on an animation and quickly partnered up and launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring the idea to life.

As manufacturing commenced, Yan learned that the factory set up by her partner was failing in numerous spheres, leading to a lawsuit, though this wasn’t the end of Wenqing Yan’s story. What seemed to be a disastrous business was momentarily saved by Brookstone, who promised to develop the cat ear headphones on a large scale under the name Axent Wear. Not long after the first brand of cat ear headphones hit the market, it became clear that Brookstone was incapable of handling the large-scale production of the product on a limited budget, and so many units were returned due to manufacturing faults. 

The resulting collection of disgruntled customers was quickly noticed by rival brands already producing top-selling headsets, who saw the market gap and swiftly began rolling out higher-quality cat ear headphones. 

What is the state of the market today?

In addition to well-respected brands such as Razer pushing their cat ear headphones onto the market, a larger series of waves in the market was created by early internet personalities and celebrities, particularly those with links to the children’s market, comic fanbase, and the Western obsession with Japanese anime culture. From there, online streamers began sporting the headsets, generating a powerful trend. 

Due to the rapidly growing popularity of cat ear headphones today, the market is expected to be over-saturated. Because of the gimmicky nature of the product, many manufacturers overlook the primary function of a headset: to offer comfortable fitting and high-quality sound, among other vital features. 

This makes it challenging to find a good pair of cat ear headphones today, as it’ll require a reasonable understanding of audio products to untangle worthwhile purchases from the heaps of garbage crawling online markets. This is why we’ve compiled a list of our six favorite cat ear headphones to guide you through the process.

Our Pick!

Razer Kraken Kitty V2

The Razer Kraven Kitty V2 is a high-quality headphone for kids and adults. They are ideal for streamers, with lighting effects triggered by emotes and alerts. They feature cat, bear, and bunny ears.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I remove the ears from cat ear headphones?

This differs between models. Some ears can be strapped or clipped on, while others are built into the headband and cannot be removed.

Where can I buy cat ear headphones?

Some retail outlets will sell them, but with so many inferior quality models on the market, we recommend buying online from a trusted store where user reviews can be referenced.

Can I use cat ear headphones with my console?

Headphones support various connection types. USB-C can be used with most modern handhelds and plugged into PS5 and supporting Xbox controllers, while aux or USB-A is best suited for PC use.

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