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New Sonos App To Release On 7 May 2024

Sonos has announced the release of their newly designed app, set to release on the 7th of May 2024. The update is the largest we’ve seen from the company since the Sonos S2 app dropped in May 2020. The new design improves navigation and usability, streamlining how users interact with their home speakers and multiroom systems. The update will be made available on both iOS and Android.

The New Sonos App Makes Navigation Easier Than Ever Before

The new Sonos app puts the user experience at the forefront. The customizable homepage design allows users to arrange it according to the features you most frequently use. You’ll be able to change which of your playlists appear at the top and be provided quick access to an extensive array of streaming services. Whether you’re looking to discover new music or jump back into some of your recent tracks, the homepage makes it simple.

This new design sees a search bar pinned to the bottom of the app, which is always quickly accessible and lets you find what you need within seconds. Additionally, the search results can be tailored to your usage and allow you to search for music based on artist, track title, and even genre. Specifying a preferred streaming app will automatically place it at the front of your search results, making it quicker than ever to get where you’re trying to go.

Managing Your Speakers

Tap on the speaker icon within your mini-player to access your home’s audio network, allowing you to adjust the volume of any of your Sonos speakers quickly. In addition, the system settings shortcut provides additional control of your speakers.

Say Goodbye To Sonos’ Desktop Applications

Another big announcement is that Sonos has opted to drop the Sonos S2 desktop app. Don’t worry; you won’t be left high and dry. Instead, Sonos has opted for a web app, which ultimately offers broader platform support. We haven’t yet seen the full capabilities of the web app, but from teasers provided by Sonos, it appears to offer the same robust features as the mobile apps.

Sonos Web App

Other New Additions

Less exciting, but still worth noting, is that there is a message center area now. This area of the app is better suited for new owners of Sonos products who may benefit from tips in setup and configuration.

While not limited to this release, it brings additional features that can only be activated through the app, including TruePlay tuning and Sonos voice control.

The app is compatible with more than 25 Sonos products, including the Era-series, Roam, Roam SL, One-series, and many more.

Sonos is known for its prudent design, and the new app better represents the brand. The new app’s launch is still fresh, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see additional quality-of-life improvements to have been added. With a release date in early May, you won’t have to wait long to enjoy these new benefits.

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