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The Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

Outdoor Bluetooth speakers come in all shapes and sizes, with benefits and drawbacks to each speaker type. Portable outdoor Bluetooth speakers provide unrivaled versatility, though outdoor Bluetooth speakers for patio use can give a better listening experience. We’ve used our extensive experience in Bluetooth speaker reviews to create a list of what we believe are the best outdoor Bluetooth speaker systems. This list includes active mounted patio speakers, portable Bluetooth speakers for the outdoors, and garden speakers.

1Our Pick

The Pyle makes our top pick selection with its unique built-in amplifier, meaning this wireless patio speaker is essentially plug-and-play.

pohopa outdoor speakers square
2Best Bundle Package
Pohopa EF-B260

The Pohopa features its own independent Bluetooth receiver, no need for any additional amplifiers here.

jbl flip 6 square image
3Most Versatile
JBL Flip 6

One of the most loved and versatile portable Bluetooth speakers on the market, the Flip 6 is ready for the outdoors with its IP67 waterproofing.

turtlebox 2 square image
4Loudest Portable Choice
Turtlebox 2

Loud and proud, the Turtlebox 2 gives tons of volume in a compact form. Enough sound to carry a party through the night and versatile enough to take with you wherever you go.

herdio 525 square image
5Budget Choice
Herdio HOS-501W

The Herdio offers built-in Bluetooth capabilities at an affordable price without sacrificing much in sound.

ultimate ears megaboom 3 square
6Best Sounding Portable Choice
UE Megaboom 3

The Megaboom 3 carries that quality Ultimate Ears sound in a versatile and unique outdoor-friendly Bluetooth speaker.

innovative technology bluetooth solar rock speakers square
7Most Discreet
Innovative Technology ITSBO-513P5

These rock speakers offer the best wireless rock speaker option if you’re looking for low-key speakers. Place them in the flower beds or with rock features around the pool.

If you’re looking for portable outdoor Bluetooth speakers, we also have a list of the loudest. These speakers follow a traditional portable design but offer over 120dB in volume.

1. Pyle PDWR69BT

Pyle PDWR69BTB outdoor bluetooth speakers

The PDWR64BT from Pyle incorporates a built-in amplifier with Bluetooth connectivity, meaning that you don’t need to worry about purchasing an additional amp to drive the speakers, saving you money. We’ve selected the Pyle outdoor Bluetooth speakers for this list not only because of their built-in Bluetooth features but also because they sound extremely good, especially given the price.

Why We Picked It

We have found Pyle products to be a little hit and miss, with some of their speakers not quite hitting the mark in how they stack up against the competition. However, both the PDWR69BT & PDWR64BT offer some of the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers for patio use that include a built-in amplifier.

The PDWR62BT was our top recommendation for years, and the PDWR69BT is a renewed, improved version of the 62-model.

This outdoor Bluetooth speaker system has one active speaker with a built-in amp that powers both the passive and active sides. There are quite a few variants of the PDWR series of Pyle speakers, but the PDWR69BT is our choice due to its more vibrant sound, utilizing a 6.5” driver.


The Pyle PDWR69BT features an impressive 6.5” driver capable of reaching up to 800W of output, making it one of the larger and loudest outdoor speakers with built-in Bluetooth functionality. While there are 8” patio speakers available, these will typically require an external amplifier and not include native Bluetooth support as the Pyle does. The Pyle wall mount features a swivel action that will let you angle the speaker in accordance with your layout.

2. Pohopa EF-B260

pohopa outdoor speakers

The Pohopa EF-B260 is an installed outdoor Bluetooth speaker solution that is a bit different from both the Herdio and Pyle speakers on our list. Unlike these speakers, the Pohopa EF-B260 doesn’t have a built-in Bluetooth receiver. But rather, the EF-B260 comes bundled with an independent Bluetooth receiver, which creates the same wireless experience in the end.

Why We Picked It

We picked the Pohopa over other speakers due to the inclusion of a modern Bluetooth version, as well as the overall performance of the speaker. While the sound quality doesn’t quite match up with what you could get from something like the Polk Atrium 6 with a Bluetooth receiver – in terms of a bundled product, the Pohopa offers excellent value at under $200.


The Pohopa EF-B260 is a unique offering that isn’t quite built-in Bluetooth but also doesn’t require the purchase of an additional receiver or amplifier. Unlike the Pyle, which utilizes a built-in amplifier with Bluetooth, the Pohopa includes a separate Bluetooth receiver that will add the wireless connectivity you need.

The 5.25” subwoofer is paired with a 1” tweeter to provide impressive sound across the response range, the bass is really quite impressive for the size of the primary driver, and while it doesn’t quite match up to the larger Pyle PDWR64BT, it doesn’t fall too far behind.

3. JBL Flip 6

jbl flip 6 bluetooth speaker

The JBL Flip series has proven itself a favorite in the eyes of customers for years now. In fact, the Flip model was first introduced over a decade ago now. Over the years, JBL has kept refining this popular speaker to keep up with and, in some cases, set the standards for consumer-friendly portable Bluetooth speakers.

Why We Picked It

For portability, there is no hesitation in recommending the JBL Flip 6. Weighing in at just over 1lb, the Flip 6 can easily be moved around the garden or taken with you on outdoor adventures. Despite its small size, the JBL Flip 6 offers great sound quality and also remains affordable. There’s a reason the Flip is seen as one of JBLs main flagship models and has become a favorite for music lovers worldwide.


An IP67 water-resistance rating means that the Flip 6 is not just extremely waterproof but also dustproof, making this speaker even more suited for the outdoors. The limitations with the Flip 6 are mostly based on volume levels, while the Flip 6 can easily give enough volume for a table gathering or a circle of friends out on the lawn, it will not be able to host any outdoor parties. 

The JBL Flip 6 offers improved audio quality over the Flip 5, a change that was much greater than the improvements we saw when the Flip 5 came out compared to its predecessor.

You’ll be able to customize your sound with the JBL mobile app and can expect up to 12 hours of playtime from a single charge.

If you’re looking for something for the whole garden to enjoy – take a look at the Turtlebox Gen 2, listed below. 

4. Turtlebox Gen 2

turtlebox 2 with orange handle

Loud, yet not very large – the Turtlebox 2 has become an in-house favorite due to its rugged nature and massive volume capabilities. Unlike the Flip 6, you’re not going to be able to toss the Turtlebox in your backpack, but you can still easily carry it around the garden, or if you’re the adventurous type, even strap it to the back of your boat, truck or jeep.

Why We Picked It

Not only is this speaker versatile and easy to use, but you’ll never find yourself lacking volume with the Turtlebox 2 putting out up to 120dB of sound. If you’re interested in seeing how that stacks up with the competition, check out our list of the loudest Bluetooth speakers. Spoiler – it sits in third place but at a fraction of the weight.

We included the Turtlebox 2 in our list for its impressive volume capabilities while remaining portable. You’ll not get a smaller and lighter portable Bluetooth speaker than the Turtlebox 2. 

The Turtlebox 2 can be used as an indoor or outdoor speaker, but the outdoors is where this speaker is in its element. The Turtlebox boasts an IP67 rating, meaning it’s protected from limited submergence in water as well as dust. These weather-resistant capabilities mean there’s almost nowhere that the Turtlebox can’t be used.


The Turtlebox 2 utilizes a 6×9″ primary driver, which in conjunction with a 1″ titanium tweeter, is able to put out a massive 120dB of volume. Even with its huge volume output, the Turtlebox can easily play for 6 hours at maximum volume or up to 25 hours at more moderate volumes. If you’re really looking to get a party going, you can also pair the Turtlebox with another of the same speaker to create stereo sound.

Weighing in at just 10 pounds, the Turtlebox comes in weighing a lot less than competitor models, such as the Soundboks Go. The low weight and carry handle make this speaker extremely portable.

What we love about the Turtlebox, is that, unlike many other loud Bluetooth speakers on the market, the Turtlebox 2 doesn’t sacrifice its sound quality. You’ll get a deep, punchy bass response with crisp highs and clean, balanced mids. The Turtlebox 2 also includes a microphone input, a useful feature that wasn’t found on the initial Turtlebox.

5. Herdio HOS-501W

herdio 525 outdoor speakers

The Herdio HOS-501W outdoor Bluetooth speaker is best mounted under the eaves, or somewhere that will protect it from excessively challenging environmental conditions. Even though these speakers are rated as ‘all weather,’ we still recommend taking precautions to avoid unnecessary risk of damage.

Why We Picked It

The Herdio HOS-501W is an active outdoor Bluetooth speaker, similar to the Pyle listed above, so there’s no need for an additional amplifier to drive them. We’ve selected the Herdio HOS-501W as a smaller and cheaper alternative to the Pyle PDWR64BT. The sound quality doesn’t match the Pyle, especially in low-end frequency response.


The HOS range of Herdio Bluetooth outdoor speaker systems comes in several sizes. The 5.25” model we’ve looked at is the largest of the range – so you could always scale down to a 4” model, but if you have the space, we wouldn’t recommend it as the pricing is just a few dollars short of the louder and more bassy 5.25” model.

If you’re on a budget and looking for a pair of active Bluetooth outdoor speakers, the Herdio HOS-501W is typically available for around $150 a pair.

6. Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3

ultimate ears megaboom 3 with charging dock

Ultimate Ears have rapidly become one of the fastest-growing Bluetooth speaker brands on the market. The success of the Megaboom & Hyperboom series has solidified the UE brand in a similar space to that of JBL. 

Why We Picked It

While the Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 is versatile enough to be used around the house, it does great as a portable Outdoor Bluetooth speaker solution that sets itself apart from something like the JBL Flip due to its unique cylindrical design, which provides a 360-degree sound experience.

Bass is something that UE has managed to provide thoroughly on almost all their products, and the Megaboom 3 is no different. You’ll be getting crisp & clear mids and highs with deep and punchy bass response.


The unique 360-degree sound design makes the Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 ideal for outdoor gatherings with a group of friends. You won’t have to worry about the sound being channeled into one direction, away from half of the group.

What UE does really well with most of their speakers provides a rich and balanced sound experience, and the Megaboom 3 is no different. We find the Megaboom 3 to reach a solid middle-ground of balanced EQ, while still maintaining a lively quality to the sound, as opposed to sounding flat. Some EQ customization options allow you to tailor the speaker to your preferences.

The battery life of the Megaboom 3 is solid, with around 20 hours of playtime. If you want more playtime from the Megaboom, it also pairs with Ultimate Ear’s Power Up charging dock. This accessory is sold separately but allows you to charge your Megaboom 3 while out and about.

You will be able to connect up to 8 source devices to the Megaboom 3, meaning you and your friends can easily swap between playlists. The UE Megaboom 3 can also be paired with up to 150 other supported speakers. The Megaboom 3 is also available in several color choices.

7. Innovative Technology Bluetooth Rock Speaker (ITSBO-513P5)

innovative technology bluetooth solar rock speakers

The ITSBO-513P5 by Innovative Technology is an outdoor Bluetooth speaker that can be set up discreetly in your garden. While outdoor rock speakers are fairly readily available, most models do not offer native Bluetooth support and instead are typically wired. The ITSBO-513P5, on the other hand, are active speakers with their own built-in amplifier. 

There are trade-offs when buying wireless outdoor speakers, though; you will be getting a more versatile and easy-to-install solution that can be moved around your garden more freely. However, this also means that you will have to think about things like battery life and the distance between your speakers.

Why We Picked It

Many rock speaker manufacturers utilize lower-quality materials, and this is especially true for active speakers like these. We selected the ITSBO-513P5 because it is one of the better wireless options and tends to be more reliable.

This type of speaker offers a different approach to a home/garden audio solution, and we have included it to better cater to individual approaches for outdoor Bluetooth speakers.


These speakers can be used all year round, thanks to their weatherproofing. While we haven’t tested them in the elements, Innovative Technology claims they can be left out in rain or snow.

Because these are not wired/active speakers, they utilize a battery and thus have limited battery life. You can still pull up to 30 hours of music from these speakers, though at louder volumes, you can expect around 8 to 12 hours. Charging is done with the use of a USB cable.

Honorable Mentions

These speakers just didn’t make our list but are products that we can still recommend for providing wireless outdoor audio. If you are simply looking for a wireless outdoor speaker, you can consider using a wired (passive) speaker system and running it to a Bluetooth amplifier or receiver. This will provide you additional freedom in product selection, as you will find outdoor speakers without built-in Bluetooth will typically have a better sound signature and more power.

Polk Atrium 8 (Requires Bluetooth Amplifier/Receiver)

If you’re looking for a speaker to make some noise and perhaps through a few parties out in the backyard, then the Polk Audio Atrium 8 SDI Outdoor Speaker might be what you’re after. The Atrium 8 SDI is the flagship speaker from the Polk Audio Atrium outdoor speaker range. The entire range is built tough to withstand extreme temperatures, salt fog, UV, and even heavy rain. The speaker even comes with a 5-year warranty on both the cabinet and speaker drivers.

Klipsch AW-650 (Requires Bluetooth Amplifier/Receiver)

One thing you’re guaranteed with Klipsch is great sound. The AW-650 is no different in this regard. These outdoor speakers sound exceptional with a typical Klipsch sound profile. The bass is solid with a decent punch and definition in the response. The mid-range is balanced perfectly, with vocals clear and pronounced. The tweeter produces a brilliantly crisp sound which adds to the overall clarity of the speaker. Even at high volumes, the AW-650 never distorts or becomes harsh. It can only be described as a smooth buttery sound.

Bose 251 Environmental Outdoor Speakers (Requires Bluetooth Amplifier/Receiver)

Bose always seems to produce the goods for consumer audio products. The brand does get some criticism from audiophiles because its products are not true or flat. Bose products might not sound flat, but they’re always exciting to listen to. The Bose 251 Environmental Outdoor Speakers are not different in this regard.

The speakers are powerful, with a sound profile that makes them fun to listen to. The 251 Environmental can be used as an indoor or outdoor speaker, which means you can have one speaker for installation throughout your home or indoor and outdoor entertainment spaces.

Buyer’s Guide – Things to Consider When Buying a Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker System

We understand that buying new products can at some times feel daunting, especially if you’re looking to buy a product that you don’t understand. That’s why we’ve put together our buyer’s guide on purchasing outdoor Bluetooth speakers. We’ll look at what to pay attention to when selecting a product and how to select the product that best suits your needs.

Installed vs Portable

Because portable outdoor Bluetooth speakers are designed with a focus on being moved around a lot, there are limitations in what they can achieve due to design challenges. For instance, to make speakers louder, you need to ensure you have a sufficient power source that will drive the speaker at higher volumes and provide enough battery life to match the expectations of portable Bluetooth speakers.

Similarly, installed outdoor Bluetooth speakers have the advantage of having a dedicated left and right speaker for stereo sound. A lot of portable outdoor Bluetooth speakers can achieve a similar effect, but it requires you to purchase two speakers and then pair them for stereo effect (note that the pairing of speakers will depend on make and model, the safest bet when using stereo pairing is to use two of the same model).

If you’re unsure which to go for, we suggest considering how you plan to use the speakers. If you’re looking for an outdoor Bluetooth speaker system for smaller spaces, such as at a table or around the pool, a portable Bluetooth speaker will most likely suffice.

However, if you tend to entertain larger gatherings at home and want a better spread of sound across a slightly larger space, then opting for outdoor Bluetooth speakers installed under your home’s eaves is the best choice.

Finally, wireless rock speakers can breach the gap between these two products by sometimes offering stereo sound, but with some of the versatility that comes with a portable Bluetooth speaker.

Sound Quality

You should ask yourself whether sound quality is the most important aspect of a speaker to you. While portable Bluetooth speakers made for the outdoors are still more than capable of producing good sound and high volume, they typically lack the finer nuances of audio quality when listened to with a critical ear.

Installed outdoor Bluetooth speakers are often driven by an external amp (passive speakers). Outdoor speakers which are driven with an amp will typically be able to reach higher volume levels than passive speakers. In addition, the frequency response range and general design of installed speakers will typically have an advantage over portable Bluetooth speakers.

If you’re really serious about sound, we recommend going with a wired patio speaker and utilizing a Bluetooth amplifier or receiver to bring wireless technology to your setup. This will give you better-quality speakers due to the limitations of internal amplifiers.


Outdoor Bluetooth speakers that are installed have little to no versatility because they are typically installed in one location with a bracket mount, and moving them is a real pain. If you’re looking for a dedicated outdoor entertainment speaker, this, of course, is no problem.

In contrast, portable Bluetooth speakers can easily be picked up and moved, usually carried in one hand. Simply taking your speaker wherever you want is a huge benefit for those looking for a general outdoor speaker to take to barbeques or even down to the beach.


While we all love adding to our audio setups, money is finite, and sometimes we must take the budget route. Thankfully, cheap doesn’t always mean low quality. Portable and installed outdoor Bluetooth speakers come at a fairly wide price range, though you’ll be hard-pressed to find any worthwhile installed outdoor speakers with Bluetooth at under $120.

Portable Bluetooth speakers, on the other hand, are available regularly at under $100, with some very decent products in the mix. Just be aware that there will still be trade-offs when selecting to opt for cheaper products.

Active vs Passive Outdoor Speakers

Active (or Powered) Speakers

Active or powered speakers incorporate a built-in amplifier which means you don’t need an external amp or receiver to drive the speakers. The obvious advantage is less cabling and equipment, which ultimately means less cost. In addition, we have included two powered speaker options and both with Bluetooth, so you can literally plug and play.

Passive Speakers

Passive speakers require an external amplifier or receiver to drive the speakers and provide Bluetooth connectivity. So, why have we included these on the list? Passive speakers are often more powerful than active speaker options. So, if you’re looking to install some outdoor speakers suitable for a party but still want Bluetooth connectivity, this will be a much better option. 

How We Selected Our Products

When selecting the products for this list, we wanted to give a broad and accurate selection of products that fall into the category of Bluetooth outdoor speakers. Because there are so many different types of Bluetooth outdoor speakers, we’ve provided a few examples of specific types.

We looked at speakers which offer sufficient audio quality and reliability to recommend. There are a lot of sub-par speakers on the market, we made sure only to include speakers that we’d feel comfortable using in our own homes.

Aside from our own experiences with particular products, we also source product feedback from other professional and customer reviews to ensure our selections are accurate.

Why Trust Us?

We’ve reviewed audio products for years with a team of speaker enthusiasts, music producers, and audio engineers. In particular, we have looked at dozens of outdoor Bluetooth speaker models, and over the years, we’ve updated this list with new product releases, as well as products that just better represent what it is you’re looking for.

If you feel we didn’t get things quite right with our selections, we welcome your feedback in the comments below.

Tools for Installing Outdoor Speakers

Installing outdoor speakers requires a few tools and accessories. So we thought we would include a quick list of tools you’ll need to check if you are missing something and purchase these at the same time you purchase your outdoor Bluetooth speakers. These days outdoor speakers are relatively easy to install.

Tools for Installing Outdoor Speakers


To mount your outdoor Bluetooth speaker brackets to the wall, you will need to drill holes for the screws and to run the speaker through the wall if necessary. An in-expensive cordless set comes with everything you’ll need. Keep in mind, that for brick and mortar walls; you may need a more powerful electric drill and masonry drill bits.

Screw Driver

You will need to screw the bracket to the wall. For this, you will need a screwdriver. A multi-bit screwdriver set is inexpensive and comes with all the bits you’ll need for most standard-sized screw heads.

Wire Stripper or Pliers

You will need to cut and strip speaker wire for installation. This can be done with a pair of strong scissors, but it’s always best to use the right tool for the job. Side cutter pliers with a proper cutter and stripper will work best

Spirit Level

One thing people always forget is the spirit level. The result is you step back to admire your work only to find the speaker is ever so slightly off. You think it’ll go unnoticed, but invariably there is always that one guest who points out the error. So make sure you check your speaker position is level before drilling holes for installation.


If you plan to paint your speakers to match your walls or decor, make sure to follow the product instruction manual. For speaker cabinets and grilles, you must use spray paint. It’s always best to use a paint primer first to prevent rust and ensure the paint bonds correctly. When applying the paint, hold the nozzle about a foot from the speaker grille. You want the paint to go on lightly without clogging the speaker grille holes.

Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker FAQ

Purchasing and installing outdoor Bluetooth speakers requires some basic understanding and knowledge as it’s possible to damage your speakers from incorrect installation. Here are some frequently asked questions which will help you avoid making costly mistakes when purchasing and installing your outdoor Bluetooth speakers.

What is Speaker Impedance?

Speaker impedance is the resistance the speaker applies to the amplifier’s current or voltage output. Impedance matching can get very technical, so, for the purposes of this article, all you need to know is mismatching your impedance can lead to blowing your speakers. So, you want to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for matching your amplifier to your speakers. Impedance is measured in ohms, with most speakers being 8 ohms, while some are also 6 or even 4 ohms.

What is Power Handling?

The speaker’s power handling is the lowest and highest power output (measured in watts) a speaker can take. For example, a speaker with a rating of 20W to 100W requires an amplifier with a minimum of 20W output and a maximum of 100W to drive the speaker efficiently. Try to match as close to the peak as possible. So in the case of the aforementioned example, you would want an amplifier or receiver with a 100W output per channel.

But wattage is not the only thing to consider when matching the power handling of a speaker to an amplifier. You also need to match the impedance. So, if a speaker requires 20W to 100W at 8 ohms, make sure your amplifier output is also 20W to 100W at 8 ohms. For example, the Onkyo TX-8220 Receiver delivers 45W at 8 ohms and 100W at 6 ohms. That’s more than double the power output between 8 and 6 ohms. If your 6-ohm speaker can only handle 50 watts, you’ll likely blow the speaker with this receiver.

What is Speaker Sensitivity?

Speaker sensitivity is the specification of how loud a speaker can go measured in decibels. A microphone is placed 1m away to measure this, and the speaker is turned up full using only 1 watt of power output.

What are the Types of Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers?

There’s near countless options for outdoor Bluetooth speakers these days. Both portable Bluetooth speakers and traditional patio speakers with Bluetooth capabilities are common, but there are also other dedicated outdoor speakers, most of which are centered around garden audio. These include things like speakers disguised as rocks, in-ground speakers and even semi-portable outdoor Bluetooth speakers that can get staked into the ground.

Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers – Update Log

20 August 2022 – Restructured article to be more accurate for readers. Swapped out most products to better represent search intent. Added additional information to the buyer’s guide.

15 June 2022 – Added buyer’s guide and FAQs. Updated page layout

15 June 2021 – Increased readability

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