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TREBLAB XR500 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Review

Treblab is making significant inroads to the budget earphone market with a product for just about every use and application. The TREBLAB XR500 is a Bluetooth earphone designed to hold up against the rigors of your daily workout.

Editors Note: 02/21/2022 – For those looking for true wireless earbuds to exercise with, Treblab has launched their new Treblab X3 Pro Earphones. Well worth considering.

It’s safe to say there is an overwhelming number of these earbud-style headphones on the market at the moment, making it tough to know which one to choose.

Hopefully, by the end of this review, you’ll have a better idea of what the TREBLAB XR500 is capable of and, whether or not they’re right for you.

TREBLAB XR500 Design

The Design

Although the TREBLAB XR500 is a wireless headphone, each earbud connects via a cable. The flat cable is durable and tangle-resistant, so you won’t have to waste time untying knots to get your headphones on your ears and ready to go.

Both earbuds are coated in a rubberized material that offers protection but also gives the TREBLAB XR500 a premium feel. The headphones carry an IPX7 waterproof rating protecting them from submersion for up to 1 meter or 3.2 feet. This waterproof rating makes the XR500 great for use in the pool, hot tub, or even the shower. Also, more than enough protection for a sweaty workout.


The feature Treblab advertises proudly on the packaging is the XR500 are passive noise-canceling earbuds. The TREBLAB XR500 uses cVc Noise Cancellation Technology, which suppresses noise rather than canceling it altogether. It’s important not to get noise-isolating confused with active noise-canceling, or you will be disappointed when you can still hear the hum of a plane’s engines after takeoff.

The headphone’s built-in battery will give you up to 8 hours of playing time. Good enough for most traveling and adequate for working out. From flat, the XR500 will fully recharge in about 2 hours.

The XR500 features a built-in microphone that allows you to take calls but also chat to Siri or Google Assistant.


Fit and Comfort

When it comes to fit, the TREBLAB XR500 is excellent. The tips sit snug inside the ears offering both comfort and added noise isolation. The headphones have large over-ear clips which keep the XR500 securely in place no matter what activity you decide to take on.

The short cable connecting the two earpieces sits behind the neck and Treblab provides you with a clip to secure any excess out of the way.

Included in the accessories are three expandable foam and three silicone ear tips in small, medium, and large. The foam ear tips aren’t true memory foam, they are comfortable and do the job just as well.

Buttons and Controls

On the left earpiece, you’ll find three buttons to control your paired Bluetooth device. The Treblab logo doubles as an easy-to-reach multi-function button. This button is for power, Bluetooth pairing, play/pause, and managing calls. Above the multi-function button, you have two smaller buttons for volume up/next track and volume down/previous track. The buttons are easy to access and use, even while jogging or working out.


What Do The TREBLAB XR500 Earphones Sound Like?

For earbud headphones under $30, the TREBLAB XR500 sounds surprisingly good. Definitely on par with other budget earphones like the big selling Mpow and Senso.

Like most earbuds, the TREBLAB XR500 doesn’t have much bass, but the sound is clear, and you’re able to listen to music without any issues. If you’re worried about whether or not the TREBLAB XR500 will be loud enough, don’t be. These headphones are seriously loud, too loud in fact to listen to at full volume.

One thing the TREBLAB XR500 does have over the Mpow and Senso is zero latency. Have you ever used cheap Bluetooth headphones to watch movies or YouTube videos and you get that annoying lip-sync delay? That’s a latency issue, and many wireless headphones experience this. But Treblab has managed to get this right, which is impressive since the headphones cost under $30.

Call quality on the TREBLAB XR500 is ok, but not great. You will be able to hear the incoming caller just fine, but your voice will be slightly muffled. As the TREBLAB XR500 is designed more for training and fitness, I don’t see poor call quality being a reason not to buy these headphones.

What's in the Box Graphic

What’s in the Box?

  • TREBLAB XR500 earphones
  • Carrying case
  • 3 x sizes of silicone ear tips
  • 3 x sizes of expandable foam ear tips
  • Cable clip
  • Micro USB charging cabled


If you’re looking for a deal on a pair of workout headphones, then the TREBLAB XR500 is a good option to check out. If you look at the big competitors at this price point, such as Senso and Mpow, they are all pretty similar in their features:

  • Identical design and button layout
  • Same ear tips and accessories
  • 8-10 hour battery life (all recharge from flat in under 2 hours)
  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • Built-in microphone with calling functionality
  • All sound very similar

However, where the TREBLAB XR500 wins is that it has zero latency. The other advantage is that you also have more color options. The TREBLAB XR500 comes in the following colors:

  • Black with silver trim
  • Black with red trim
  • White
  • Pink
  • Purple
Treblab xr500
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