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EarFun UBOOM Review

With so many brands and options available when looking at portable Bluetooth speakers, choosing the right device to spend your money on can be an unnerving task. It’s very easy to get drawn in by big brands such as JBL or Bose and pay much more than you actually need to. EarFun is a relatively new company and its latest EarFun UBOOM 360 speaker gives testament to sometimes believing lesser-known brands can certainly provide value for money.

The portable Bluetooth speaker delivers an immersive sound experience with plenty of bass, volume and clarity. Retailing around 50 dollars, the UBOOM is filled with a variety of features that is typically unheard of in this price range and boasting attributes generally found in much larger systems. The EarFun UBOOM 360 wireless and waterproof speaker may be just what you’re in the market for.

Dimensions6.5″ x 3.5″ x 3.5″
Play Time16 hours
Charge Time4 hours
Output Power2 x 12W
Battery3.7V, 4400mAH
Transducer2 x 45 mm
BluetoothVersion 5

EarFun UBOOM Design

The EarFun UBOOM is 6.5 inches in height, 3.5 inches in width and weighs around 20 ounces. The compact design makes it an ideal size and easy to store option in your backpack, vehicle cup holder or a cycles drink holder allowing for beats on the go. The speaker also comes with an IPX7 protection rating which means it can withstand rain, spills and submergence should it have an accidental fall in the pool. This means you can take the speaker anywhere you want from the beach, to your shower, never stopping your weekend playlist.

Earfun UBOOM Design

The speaker is cone-like in shape and fits comfortably in your hand, with a mesh-like Kevlar texture that feels sturdy in your hand. At the base is a circular grip pad that makes sure the UBOOM stays in place when put on any surface. The textured rubber base softens the vibrations from the bass at high volumes and provides good contact on all surfaces. The top of the speaker, which is where the controls are, has a matte finish which is also fingerprint-friendly.


Each of the buttons has a squishy feel that ends in a click, which also doesn’t feel like they are going to wear out any time soon. The UBOOM includes a centrally located power button, sound-mode and blue tooth pairing, volume controls, and a multi-function button underneath. This will allow you to pause and play tracks, skip forward with tapping twice and skip back with a trip-tap. Holding the multi-function button for one second will also activate Siri, Google or Alexa.

Most Bluetooth speakers which have high IPX water-resistant levels tend to have port covers so tight you might break a nail trying to loosen them. The EarFun UBOOM provides an airtight secure close, but opens effortlessly, a great non-disclosed feature for the ladies. Once opened, the port cover reveals a 3.5mm AUX input for wired connections and a Type-C USB charging port. One of the main advantages of a Bluetooth speaker is that it’s portable, however, sometimes it is advantageous to have the alternative wired connection through the auxiliary connector. A wired connection is often beneficial in saving battery power and in some cases producing better sound quality.

Earfun UBOOM

Pros & Cons

What We Like

  • Great sounding bass that thumps and flows cleanly with no distortion.
  • Two modes for outdoors and indoors so you can accommodate sound to your surroundings.
  • The IPX 7 rating is water-resistant and allows you to carry your device from the shower to the beach and save it from accidental water submergence.
  • The 360 design is great for parties so the sound travels throughout the whole room.
  • Great battery life of approximately 16 hours depending on volume levels, and a fast-charging time of 4 hours.
  • High-quality build design with fingerprint friendly buttons, easily accessible ports and a bass absorbing textured rubber bass.
  • A multi-function button to sync with Siri, Google and Alexa.
  • True Wireless Stereo means the device can pair with an additional EarFun UBOOM for an even more immersive experience.
  • Built-in voice microphone for hands-free call.

What We Don’t Like

  • Waterproofing does not work if listening via aux cable.
  • Bluetooth connection may drop slightly through multiple walls if your paired device is in another room.

EarFun UBOOM Features

Stereo pairing

One of the more expensive features found in the EarFun UBOOM is the integration of True Wireless Stereo, which allows the use of a single device that can be linked to two UBOOM speakers configured as left and right channels. This feature is optional and probably not necessary for those on a budget, however, after hearing the sound quality from a single speaker, you might be tempted to start saving and grab another UBOOM later in the future.

USB-C and Bluetooth 5.0

Many speakers are still being made with outdated micro USB ports and Bluetooth 4.0 technology. EarFun, being the new kid on the block looking to cause some waves in the industry have fitted the UBOOM with Type-C USB and Bluetooth version 5.0 which is far superior over their predecessors. Battery life is a very important part of a portable speaker and the device comes embedded with a rechargeable4400 mAH battery. The Type-C USB ensures optimum charging speeds in under 4 hours for an eyebrow-raising 16 hours playtime, whereas the Bluetooth 5.0 provides better quality audio without delays and allowing for distances of up to 100 feet in connectivity.

EarFun Logo

Sound and Performance

The EarFun UBOOM certainly has bang for your buck, with two different play modes. Pressing the “mountain peak” button selects indoor/ outdoor mode. This enhances bass indoors or increases volume outdoors, making the UBOOM perfect for anywhere. Don’t be discouraged bass lovers, in either mode, the bass still thumps powerfully thanks to the dual-passive bass radiator design. Drivers are the foundation of any piece of audio equipment so it is important to get one with a reasonable size.

The number of drivers and positioning will make a difference in how the speaker will sound and where it can be placed. Most small speakers have a single, full-range driver, which angles either upwards or downwards in order to displace sound better, however, the UBOOM features a twin driver setup which will be noticeably louder and comparable to larger speakers. In fact, the 360-degree speaker actually comes with two 45mm transducers and two 12W drivers, which means window shaking bass for EDM, and clean audio for rock and classical music.

The 360 design means you can place the speaker in the middle of the room and everyone will get the same experience. Mid and high ranges are well-represented with just a single caveat. The sound has also been enhanced with DSP technology which creates impressions of a sound quality that is fantastically clear, crisp and zero distortion. As previously mentioned the UBOOM comes with Bluetooth version 5 so you can walk up to 100 feet from away from your speaker and the sound should still be clear and uninterrupted. For its 6.5 inch height and 3.5-inch width size, the UBOOM can truly create a deep and immersive stereo sound in every direction unseen in most devices in this dimension and price range.

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 x EarFun UBOOM Bluetooth speaker
  • 1 x USB-C charging cable
  • User manual

EarFun UBOOM Conclusion

EarFun was established in 2018 by an experienced group of acoustic engineers, industrial engineers and music enthusiasts who shared a passion for creating the next generation in wireless audio devices. It’s clear with products such as the EarFun UBOOM 360 they aren’t far away. With impressive features ranging from deep bass audio quality, phenomenal durable build, Bluetooth 5.0, Type-C USB, 16 hours battery life and IPX7 full waterproof rating it would be ridiculously hard to find a better Bluetooth speaker for under $100. For those on a budget and looking for a speaker that can do it all, the EarFun UBOOM might be just for you.

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