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Devialet Gold Phantom Review

If you want the best (I mean the absolute ultimate, hands down, no contest) Bluetooth speaker in the world, then the Devialet Gold Phantom is just what you have been seeking. Technically, the Gold Phantom is also a WiFi speaker, but let’s not dive too deep in the semantics.

Prepare to have your mind blown and your wallet dented to the tune of $3,000! The Devialet Gold Phantom is in a league of its own with a price tag few can afford. Even if you can afford it, do you want it? Let’s find out.

Devialet Gold Phantom

The Design

When I first saw the Devialet Gold Phantom, I thought, “that’s a funky food processor.” The Gold Phantom is unlike any Bluetooth speaker you have ever seen before.

It’s somewhat egg-shaped design brings back memories of the 1985 thriller, Cocoon. The Gold Phantom might be an egg for some alien lifeform. We’re getting sidetracked…

The speaker’s enclosure comprises of all metal with 22-carat rose gold-plated sides. Gold is undoubtedly not something you’ll find on many Bluetooth speakers. With all the metal, the Gold Phantom weighs in at a hefty 25 lbs.

The Gold Phantom is a 3-way speaker system with two bass drivers, a mid-range driver, and a tweeter. The design is entirely unique, unlike any speaker you have come across.

The woofers are mounted on either side of the enclosure, pulsing and vibrating with the sound. It can be mesmerizing to watch the woofers move to your favorite beats. The mid-range driver and tweeter are mounted in the front of the speaker behind a strange floral looking speaker grille.

With this strange design, you would expect the Gold Phantom to deliver a focused dispersion, but it’s not. The dispersion is actually pretty broad and, if you have two Gold Phantom speakers paired together, you’ll be able to cover a wide area.

More on how the Gold Phantom sounds later in this review.

Devialet Gold Phantom Features

When it comes to features, the Gold Phantom doesn’t really have anything you don’t get with other Bluetooth speakers. In fact, it’s pretty simplistic when it comes to features, the Gold Phantom plays music. Full stop.

Having said that, what’s happening inside the Gold Phantom is on another level. The design and technology are worth far more than being able to engage a bass boost or use the speaker as a speakerphone.

Like most Bluetooth speakers, the Gold Phantom comes with an app. Using the Devialet Spark app, you can adjust audio settings and play music via WiFi streaming services. You even get a 3-month free Tidal subscription.

Audio Connections

The Gold Phantom allows you to connect your devices via Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet, Apple Airplay, and optical digital.

Not much in the way of wired connections, but then you need to remember the Gold Phantom is supposed to be the best in wireless speaker technology. This, the Gold Phantom, does phenomenally well to achieve.

What Does the Devialet Gold Phantom Sound Like?

Ok, the million-dollar (or $3,000) question, what does the Gold Phantom sound like and is it worth the price tag.

Firstly, the Gold Phantom is unlike any wireless speaker you have ever heard. It’s just ridiculous. The Naim Mu-So is another high-end speaker system, and even this takes a backseat to the Gold Phantom.

What really blows your mind is how something so small can make so much noise. 4,500 WATTS and 108 dB SPL! It’s crazy just how much sound the Gold Phantom produces.

The bass from the Gold Phantom will leave you smiling with your jaw on the flaw. It’s big and fat and hits you right in the chest. You can stand 10 feet away and still feel the bass tickling your body.

The mid-range is nothing sort of superb. Everything sits perfectly. It’s as if the Gold Phantom is surgically slicing each element and delivering it to your ears individually. The separation and sound stage are just incredible.

The high-end titanium tweeter can handle extremely high SPL while still delivering a consistently perfect sound. The detail and intelligibility of the Gold Phantom is a beautiful thing to behold.

What is incredible about the Gold Phantom is that when you push this speaker to max volume, you get zero distortion at any point in the frequency spectrum.

Whether the speaker is soft or maxed out, the audio is exactly the same lush, perfect sound. Never getting harsh or brittle.

Suddenly, the Gold Phantom seems cheap in comparison to high-end audiophile speakers, which cost tens of thousands of dollars. It’s simply that good.

More From The Phantom Range

If $3,000 is too much for you to fork out, you’ll be pleased to know there are several speakers in the Devialet Phantom.

The range starts with the Devialet Phantom Reactor 600, which will run you a little over $1,000. The speaker looks identical to the Gold; however, it’s half the size and doesn’t feature the gold trim.

You also get the Phantom Reactor 900W, Classic Phantom, and Silver Phantom.

All the speakers in the Phantom produce the same incredible sound you’ll find in the Gold.

Devialet Gold Phantom Conclusion

So, is the Devialet Gold Phantom worth the $3,000 price tag? That all depends on why you want this speaker. If you want the latest and most exceptional wireless speaker on the market, then yes, I believe the Gold Phantom is worth the price.

There is no other wireless speaker on the market that comes close to the Gold Phantom.

But I believe you can spend a third of the money on the Phantom Reactor 600W and still experience the same awesomeness. You might not get the same 4,500 watts of power get with the Devialet Phantom Gold, but you’ll undoubtedly have one of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market. Devialet has set the bar high with the Phantom range.

Devialet Gold Phantom
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