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Sony CMT-SBT100 HiFi System Review 

The Low-Down!

The Sony CMT-SBT100 sound is well balanced and includes a bass boost feature. It’s ideal for small to medium-sized rooms and playing background music. The best thing about the CMT-SBT100 is the price. At just under $200, the CMT-SBT100 is not only affordable but competitively priced in relation to other premium brands.

Sony CMT-SBT100 Specs


AUX, USB, Bluetooth

CD Player, Radio

⅛-inch Headphone

Sony is one of the top consumer electronics brands in the world. Their headphones and speakers are especially popular incorporating Sony’s XB or Extra Bass feature. The Sony CMT-SBT100 HiFi System is an ultra-compact home stereo system with some seriously awesome Sony sound including Extra Bass… or in this case, Bass Boost.

The CMT-SBT100 is a 3-piece home stereo system with a compact receiver and two bookshelf-sized speakers. Each speaker features a 4” low-frequency driver with a 1½” tweeter driven by the receiver’s amplifier at 25W Peak per channel. The combined 50W system is surprisingly loud for its size with a good low-end response. This is due to Sony S-Master Digital Amplifier technology which produces bigger sound using less energy.

While the CMT-SBT100 isn’t part of Sony’s XB range, it does have a bass boost feature. Although I wouldn’t consider the CMT-SBT100 a “bass system” it certainly produces a good bass sound, especially with the bass boost engaged. The mid-range and high-frequencies are clean and clear with a decent balance across the frequency spectrum.

Sony CMT-SBT100

When it comes to aesthetics, the CMT-SBT100 is a standard looking stereo system. There is nothing particularly interesting about the system while at the same time it isn’t imposing with any fancy colors or features. This makes it an easy system to install with any decor or in any living space. Because the system is so small, it won’t take up too much room either.


The CMT-SBT100 allows for three inputs including ⅛-Inch AUX, USB, and Bluetooth. In addition, you have a ⅛-inch headphone out. There is also a built-in CD player and AM/FM radio. The headphone output and USB port are conveniently located on the front of the CMT-SBT100 making them easy to access. The AUX input is located on the rear panel which keeps clutter on the front to a minimum.

The CMT-SBT100 features Bluetooth version 3 which is a little outdated but for this system works just fine and supports AAC and apt-X. Pairing your Bluetooth device is quick and easy and the 33-foot range is very solid, even working when in other rooms (this will vary from property to property). The CMT-SBT100 also incorporates NFC (near field communication) for quickly pairing an NFC enabled device.

When paired via Bluetooth, the device can be controlled using the audio buttons on the receiver or even via the remote control.


The built-in AM/FM radio enables you to program up to 30 presets (20 FM and 10 AM) of your favorite stations. This is more radio stations than I think I’ve ever listened to! Tuning and switching presets can only be done using the CMT-SBT100 remote control and not on the receiver itself. So don’t lose the remote!

The CMT-SBT100 supports DAB and DAB+ for countries who allow digital audio broadcasting. Unfortunately, this is not supported in North America.

Sony CMT-SBT100


On the receiver itself, you have the ability to control some of the CMT-SBT100 functions. These buttons include power on/off, input function, Bluetooth pairing, stop, play/pause, track skip/radio tuning, and CD eject. In addition, you have an EQ button (adjusting bass and treble) and the Bass Boost engage/disengage.

The remote allows you to adjust all of the above functions but includes a separate button for each input making it quick and easy to switch between these. There is also a separate button for bass and treble tone for easy adjustment. For CD-R/RW and USBs, you can use the remote to explore and scroll through folders to locate tracks. The labels are displayed on the CMT-SBT100 LCD so it’s easy to see where you’re at. Supported audio formats include MP3, WMA, and AAC.


The CMT-SBT100 has a built-in clock and allows you to set up different timers or alarms. You can program the alarm to go off playing a CD, USB or AM/FM station. Obviously, the CD or USB needs to be inserted to use either of these. You can even set the volume level you would like the alarm to play at which is useful if you’re a heavy sleeper! The clock and alarm can only be set up using the remote control.

What’s in the Box?

  • Sony CMT-SBT100
  • Remote control
  • 2 x AA batteries
  • Power cable


If you’re looking for a premium compact home stereo system, then the Sony CMT-SBT100 HiFi System is definitely one to consider. This stereo system is 5 years old not but continues to sell well. This is largely due to its affordable price point and incredible sound quality the CMT-SBT100 produces.

The sound is well balanced and includes a bass boost feature. While the CMT-SBT100 isn’t a “bass system” is still does a good job on the low-end for its size.

The CMT-SBT100 is great for most individuals and rooms in the home. I wouldn’t recommend the CMT-SBT100 if you’re looking for a party system. The speakers are just not big enough and you’ll be pushing the system to hard which will shorten the lifespan of the drivers. For small to medium-sized rooms and playing background music, the CMT-SBT100 will work just fine. Having said that, you will be surprised at just how loud these little speakers can go.

The best thing about the CMT-SBT100 is the price. At just under $200, the CMT-SBT100 is not only affordable but competitively priced in relation to other premium brands.

The CMT-SBT100 is only available in black with brushed silver trim as pictured above.

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  • I purchased a cmt-sbt100 at a sale but no operating instructions and can not make it work.Any ideas?

  • Does the CD player add a pause between tracks? Which would be quite a nuisance if two tracks flow into each other. This is the case for similar Philips and Pioneer sets, so I’m wondering if this one is any better